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Weekly Product Release Notes - October 21, 2021

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - October 21, 2021

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 10-21-2021 12:02
    You really AUTUMN know about these #AttendeeHub #Event(Flex) #OnArrival and #EventDiagramming updates!


    Attendee Hub

    Exhibitor Opt-in for Attendee Hub/Event App

    You can configure consent questions and answer text that shows up as a part of the login flow for Attendee hub & Event app. You will now be able to choose if your information will be shared with exhibitors.
    • Reports: Include columns in engagement details report to see opt-in status, opt-in question and answer text
    • Exhibitor Portal - Attendee engagement details report excludes attendees who have opted out
    • Exhibitor Portal – Sponsored sessions export excludes attendees who have opted out
    • Reports also respect CCPA Do not sell choice made by the attendee

    Event Management


    Rich Text Editor Available for Registration Questions
    Registration questions now have the rich text editor enabled, allowing you to use more stylized text for the label. This formatted text will be shown in the site designer, on the registration pages, and emails, but will show up as plain text in reports, and other areas.

    • Limitation: Consent Questions do not have the rich text editor as part of this initial release but will be added later.

    Event Diagramming (Previously Social Tables)

    Object & Line Pre-configuration
    With this update, clicking an object will open an expansion of the object within the panel, allowing you to input settings in the panel before placing the object on the canvas (either via dragging or click to place). The placed object will reflect the selected settings. Pre-configuration is also available for lines and rulers, where users can now input weight and color prior to placement. 
    • Pre-configuration is only available for objects in the standard catalog (Rental Catalog items are not included)


    Hybrid event enhancements
    You can now download and manage virtual attendees for hybrid events. Virtual attendees can check in through the attendee list, however alerts will display when an attendee attempts to check-in via kiosk mode or planner scan.

    Check-in enhancements
    We've improved our QR code scanning and syncing technologies to read barcodes on badges to find attendees quicker and more efficiently - even if you've just registered on the web.

    Quick Stats
    On the iPad attendee list the stats preview in the side panel will now show counts based on filters applied in the attendee list.


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