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Product Release: Meeting Planner Reports

  • 1.  Product Release: Meeting Planner Reports

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 10-12-2020 11:00

    Cvent Community - Check out the latest #CventSupplierNetwork product update!


    Cvent Supplier Network


    The CSN #CSNBusinessIntelligence team is delivering key meeting planner insights at the enterprise level right to your desk!


    The #MeetingPlannerReport is a new, included report that will be added to the Enterprise Dashboard’s existing suite of reports. The report will help you understand which organizations and industry verticals planners are sourcing events with the properties in your portfolio. These insights will help you create strategies for business development and growing planner relationships.


    For above-property hospitality executives representing chains, brands, management companies, and ownership groups, Cvent’s Enterprise Dashboard provides relevant and timely business intelligence on all properties within their portfolio, as well as the overall market. That helps them understand their portfolio’s group business performance and know where to focus their efforts.


    Meeting Planner Report


    The report will provide information on meeting planners who submit RFPs to the portfolio hotels. It will contain following data points:

    • New Meeting Planners
    • % of Third - party Planners
    • Planner Organizations
    • Planner Type
    • Planner Locations


    Take advantage of this new report to increase your visibility into what types of planners source at the portfolio hotels, ability to use those insights to create planner marketing and sales strategies and strengthen planner relationships.

    Want to learn more? See our article that covers all of the Enterprise Dashboard reports. Understanding Enterprise Reports in Business Intelligence

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