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Weekly Product Release Notes - July 14, 2020

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - July 14, 2020

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 07-14-2020 11:45

    Happy Tuesday, Cvent Community! We've got some great product updates to share today across #Event(Flex), #MeetingsManagement specifically the new Meeting Request Form, and #Admin/Reporting. Check 'em out here.


    Event Management


    Virtual Sessions for Flex Events: Within a virtual Flex event, you can now select if you want your sessions to be virtual when creating or modifying sessions. If the event is virtual, a new tab called "Virtual Session" will be available on the Sessions page. Here, you'll be able to enter details about your virtual session, like the meeting ID, URL to join, password, recording link, etc. A new category of virtual session data tags will also be available for post-registration event emails, custom event emails, and session emails.

    WPM Education Payment Processor: Owned and managed in the United Kingdom, WPM Education's payment platform was developed to meet the unique needs of universities and colleges. They are GDPR compliant, and provide a HOP (third-party) experience for our customers who wish to integrate their events. Our WPM Education merchant accounts can be configured in British pounds (GBP).

    Enterprise / Meetings Management

    Meeting Request Forms (New)


    Sub-Question Logic for Number Questions and Fields: You can now create sub-question logic for number questions and fields. This allows you to configure the sub-questions to show when the parent question is less than, greater than, or equal to certain values.

    Default Answers: You can now specify a default answer for standard choice fields. This includes commonly used fields, like event country and time zone.

    Question Tag Update: The question tag dropdown menu is now correctly alphabetically sorted within the Meeting Request Form designer.

    Data Tag Update: The {[R-MODIFIED DETAILS]} data tag now correctly populates in email notifications for New Meeting Request Forms.

    • Note: This data tag is only supported for the "Send the notification" value of "When modified in the above status."

    Admin / Reporting


    Updates to "User Details" report: We've redesigned the "User Details" report in Admin to improve your experience. Along with using all existing features, you can now filter the report output based on user status to exclude or include users based on their activity.

    New audit logs and reports for secure fields: We now log audit information whenever account users, registrants, or API users interact with your account's secure fields. To review activities related to these fields, administrators can run three new reports in Admin. These reports will show which users viewed or edited fields in various parts of your account.

    • Current Secure Fields: ADA Accessible, Credit Card, Date of Birth, National ID, Passport Number, Social Security Number
    • Reports: Secure Field Audit - Contact Records, Secure Field Audit – Reports, Secure Field Audit - Legacy Reports


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