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Weekly Product Release Notes - January 14, 2020

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - January 14, 2020

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 01-14-2020 14:29
    Happy Tuesday, everyone! We've got A LOT of updates to share today, so make sure you read up. We've got updates on #Event(Flex), #MeetingsManagement, ​​​#CrowdCompass, #OnsiteSolutions, and #Appointments.


    Event Management

    *New Flex Release* Invitation Lists Privacy for Registration Paths: The privacy options for the registration process have been enhanced at the registration path level. You can now limit who can register based on specific invitation lists.

    *New Flex Release* Fees Widget: You can now place the new Fees widget on your website pages to show invitees the prices of admission items and sessions before they register for them. The fees that are shown to the invitee are based on the contact registration type.

    *New Flex Release* Sandbox Updates: You can now create Flex events in your Sandbox accounts to configure and test your integrations and code snippets. With this update, we encourage you to begin testing Flex configurations to support the transition to Flex.

    Enterprise / Meetings Management

    Meeting Request Forms – Page Visibility Logic: This allows you to hide or show pages of a Meeting Request Form based on the user's responses to previous questions.

    Meeting Request Forms – SMM Notifications to Update a Request Status: You can now set up SMM notifications to automatically update a request status when it is edited via the "Edit Link" data tag.


    California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Updates: You can now enable "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" in EventCenter, which allows you to comply with CCPA. This new setting, along with configuration for the "Do Not Sell" opt-out form, can be enabled on the same page as the custom privacy policy, under Event Settings > Compliance > California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). California residents can tap "Do Not Sell My Personal Information" in the app and the link will take them to your opt-out form.

    Increased login security: To make the process even more secure, all attendees are now required to enter their email address during login, whether they are preloaded in the EventCenter or signing up directly from the app.

    Added login required setting for events: You can now require login for your event. With this setting enabled, attendees must log in before they can download your event or access its contents.

    Added 'Share Your Thoughts' section to the Dynamic Event Guide: For events using the Dynamic Event Guide, we've added a new 'Share Your Thoughts' section that gives attendees access to a full list of the overall event and session surveys applicable to them. Follow these instructions to set up this feature in your event.

    Redesigned Featured Speakers section: In the Dynamic Event Guide, the Featured Speakers section now supports up to 16 featured speakers. To give this section an all-new look and feel, we've added an automatic circle frame to speaker headshots as well as the option for attendees to swipe over speaker thumbnails to see more. During the event, the speaker presenting next is highlighted at the top of the section.

    Updated 'Featured Sessions' order: In the Dynamic Event Guide, we've updated the Featured Sessions section so that during the event sessions will now appear in the order they are occurring in and will drop off the list once they have ended. Before the event, featured sessions will still appear in random order.

    Removed placeholder banners in the Dynamic Event Guide: We've removed placeholder banners from the Dynamic Event Guide, allowing you to use this home screen option without uploading a banner for your event, if desired.

    Onsite Solutions – LeadCapture

    LeadCapture-Marketo Integration: Data in LeadCapture can now seamlessly flow into Marketo, giving your marketing team insight into the leads collected by your booth staff.

    • Use LeadCapture data to create and update Marketo leads.
    • Personalize follow-ups with captured leads through your marketing programs, both for the events you host and the events you attend.
    • Automatically sync data from Cvent LeadCapture to Marketo whenever a lead is scanned or qualified.

    Onsite Solutions – Exhibitor Management

    Custom Exhibitor Emails Phase I (Flex Events Only): This release allows you to customize current exhibitor email 'From' information, content, and themes in the same manner as Event Emails. The current customizable exhibitor emails in this release include the Initial Welcome, Welcome Reminder, Access Code for App Only, Access code for Rental Device, and Download Leads emails.


    Table Assignments:
    You can now automatically assign tables to attendees when scheduling appointments, while also having the option to override the assignment and choose one manually. In addition, we'll now automatically assign tables for appointments that attendees book themselves. On the planner calendar under the Locations tab, you can then view all tables and their corresponding appointments. Emails and schedules containing location information will now include table assignments as well.

    Simplified UI for Proposed New Times: When viewing or editing an appointment, you can now review all the new times in a new "Proposed New Times" section and easily accept one of those options. We've also added a "Proposed New Times" icon, which will appear for relevant appointments on the planner and attendee calendars.


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