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  • 1.  Identity Confirmation Grayed Out

    Posted 10-23-2019 09:42
    I'm new to CVENT, transferring over from RegOnline, and have a question about creating a Flex event.  I noticed the Identity Confirmation widget is grayed out on the build menu.  I would like to use it and don't believe I have put it anywhere in my form.  I can not figure out how to make this useable.  I have looked everywhere I can think of.  Any help appreciated.  TIA



  • 2.  RE: Identity Confirmation Grayed Out

    Posted 10-23-2019 09:56
    Hi Jennifer,

    The Identity Confirmation widget is added to your registration process by default. When on the Personal Information page, hover over the words 'Personal Information' and you'll notice that  is the Identify Confirmation widget. This is a widget that can only be used once in the registration process. 

    Our article called Changing Identity Confirmation Settings in Flex Events may also provide further detail. 

    Hope this helps but feel free to reply back if you need clarification! 


    Dan Tobin
    Client Success Advisor

  • 3.  RE: Identity Confirmation Grayed Out

    Posted 10-23-2019 10:37
    Thank you Dan.  That makes sense now.  Right now I have all of the profile information under this widget. In your opinion, is that the best way to utilize it or should I just have it include the email address and registration type? Or does it even matter?  

    Jennifer Saltzman
    Saltzman Associates (old KSA)