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Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q4 2021

  • 1.  Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q4 2021

    Posted 01-10-2022 11:36
    Edited by Cvent Product News 01-19-2022 09:36
    Below you will find the full list of Q4 2021 Product Updates for #EventCloud. This quarter, we have updates to share on #AttendeeHub#Event(Flex) #newuserexperience, #ReportingandInsights#Surveys, #MeetingsManagement,  #VenueSourcing, and #EventDiagramming,

    Register for our Quarterly Product Update Webinar on February 3 & 4 to hear more about these releases and understand how they can support your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event strategy. You'll also get the chance to join our hour-long Q&A to ask live questions to our Product Managers!​


    Attendee Hub®

    Added the option to sort exhibitors into categories. Exhibitors can now be grouped into categories in the Attendee Website. 
    Introduced Single Sign On for the Attendee Hub. For events using registration, you can now allow all attendees to use Single Sign On to log in to the Attendee Website and Event App. 
    Added an On Demand Catalogue for session videos. When you allow attendees to view session videos after the session ends, attendees can access the On Demand Catalogue, as long as the video uses Cvent Video Player. 
    Made session surveys available on session pages in the Event App. Attendees can now access session feedback surveys directly from session pages in the Event App, in addition to the Attendee Website. 

    Introduced instant networking for the Attendee Website. With the new instant networking feature, attendees who choose to participate are matched in pairs at random and given five minutes to connect during a video meeting before moving on to their next match. 
    Added support for attendee recommendations on the Event App. If you're using Appointments and the attendee list for your event, you can now enable attendee recommendations for the Event App, in addition to the Attendee Website. This helps attendees grow their networks by recommending other attendees they should meet and displaying them as suggested matches at the top of the attendee list. 
    Added support for new attendee engagement action. For sessions using virtual attendance tracking, you can now award points in the Game and Engagement Scoring to attendees based on the percentage of the session video they watch. 

    Added support for attendee messaging on the Event App. Attendees can now send direct messages to each another on the Event App, in addition to the Attendee Website. 
    Gave moderators the ability to create polls on the Attendee Website. Moderators with "Audience engagement" permissions can now create and edit their own polls from the Attendee Website before or during a session. 
    Added new moderator permissions. You can now assign hosts, speakers, and engagement monitors for your Attendee Hub sessions. Additionally, session hosts and speakers will have access to a new "Join as host" or "Join as speaker" button, allowing them to join their assigned sessions directly from the Attendee Website. 

    Added the ability to display sessions only in Attendee Hub. You can now choose whether to display sessions on Attendee Hub independent of registration, providing more control over where your attendees can add sessions to their schedules. 
    Introduced schedule transition notifications for the Attendee Website. The new schedule transition notifications automatically display on the Attendee Website five minutes before an attendee's next session or appointment is scheduled to begin, and include a link to the upcoming item. 
    Added the ability to track how many attendees joined a discussion. You can now view the percentage of attendees that have joined a discussion in the Attendee Hub Usage report. 
    Introduced a login background image on the Attendee Website. You can now add a background image to the login page of the Attendee Website. 
    Introduced engagement notifications for the Attendee Website. Engagement notifications will now automatically appear on session pages on the Attendee Website when a poll question opens, Q&A or chat opens (if set to open at a custom time), or an attendee's own Q&A question is answered with a written response. 
    Made enhancements to planner notifications. You can now link notifications to surveys, delete sent notifications, import notifications in bulk, and select multiple registration types as the audience for a notification. 

    Added option to collect attendee consent for sharing contact info with exhibitors. You can now allow attendees to choose if they want to opt in to sharing their contact information with exhibitors. 
    Added verification for phone number formats during registration. For events using Attendee Hub with Registration, if post-registration page access is set to secure verification code, registrants will now be prompted to double check their phone number if inputted in an invalid format 

    Configure session videos using Cvent Studio 

    • You can now configure the video details for live stream sessions using a new video streaming tool 'Cvent Studio'. 
    • Designate attendees as 'Video Host' moderator permission to access Studio's director view. 
    • Designate attendees as 'Speaker' moderator permission to access Studio's presenter view. 
    • Access Studio's director view using a manual action and 'Join as Host' action in Attendee Hub. 
    • Access Studio's presenter view using 'Join as Speaker' action in Attendee Hub. 
    • You can reset the streaming details using manual action. 
    • You can download the recording using manual action. 
    • Session video details can be exported using 'Video Detail Export' and also available in 'Virtual Session Report'. 

    Exhibitor Opt-in for Attendee Hub/Event App. You can configure consent questions and answer text that shows up as a part of the login flow for Attendee hub & Event app. You will now be able to choose if your information will be shared with exhibitors. 

    • Reports: Include columns in engagement details report to see opt-in status, opt-in question and answer text 
    • Exhibitor Portal - Attendee engagement details report excludes attendees who have opted out 
    • Exhibitor Portal – Sponsored sessions export excludes attendees who have opted out 
    • Reports also respect CCPA Do not sell choice made by the attendee


    Event Management

    Event Registration (Flex)  

    Embedded Registration. You will now be able to embed registration on external sites, like your company website, making it easier to promote your event and ensuring your registrants have a consistent experience with every touchpoint of your brand.  Not having to leave a webpage to complete registration helps you capture registrants right in the moment when intent is high and with fewer clicks, resulting in faster conversions.  

    •  Embedded Registration can be used alongside a Cvent event website registration experience. It also works seamlessly with any other Cvent solutions you may be using. 
    •  The header and event website have been removed to allow for a cleaner experience alongside external website content, free from redirects and "site within a site" look and feel. 
    • Your analytics platforms, Google Analytics, utm  parameters, and any code snippets you have connecting others, will function through the embedded registration along with all site designer configurations for registration (Ex: Custom Logic, Partial Registration, etc.) 
    • Future iterations of Embedded Widgets will include:
      • External authentication support
      • Custom and Saved Themes
      • Defined starting Registration Path
      • Localization
      • Alternative embedded widgets: Website Agenda, Speakers, Countdown Timer, and more 

    Added CSS classes to the Site Designer. We've added the ability to customize specific design elements of your website and registration process by adding your own CSS code, giving you even more opportunities to take your registration pages to the next level and fit your brand. 

    Drop-down Choice Search for Questions. Invitees may now search for the choices when there are 12 or more options available.  This will allow invitees to quickly find the answer they would like to select easily and allow you to ask questions with a lot of choices. 

    Altered the order of first and last name by language. First and Last Names will now be ordered according to the language of the event's locale during the registration process, in emails, and in data tags.

    Increase Flexibility for Session Visibility. You will now have the option to determine if a Session is visible in Attendee Hub, Registration, or both/neither location.  This gives you the opportunity to customize when and where session selection should take place for attendees and streamlines the registration processes by leading attendees into Attendee Hub to focus on their agenda options. 

    • Changes will apply to both Attendee Hub and the Mobile App experience.  
    • Those that previously had a session as "Open for Registration" will see that the "Display in Attendee Hub" setting is defaulted to 'Yes' 
    • Registration Type visibility rules and session group, admission item, and advanced rule validations will still apply on the sessions that are visible 
    • Fee-based sessions will continue to be selected in registration 
    • Min/Max rules at the admission item and advanced rule level are best managed through registration if violations are meant to be enforced 

      Restrict Flight Requests for Non-Registrants. You will be able to now restrict invitees from placing flight requests for non-registrants. With a simple setting in Flight Request Widge hide the "Add a Passenger" option in the dropdown on the guest side. 

      Added an invalid mobile number format warning.  If you're collecting mobile numbers and are requiring a secure verification code for modifying registrations after registration, a warning will now display to any attendee who inputs an invalid number format. 

      Altered the order of first and last name by language. First and Last Names will now be ordered according to the language of the event's locale during the registration process, in emails, and in data tags. Added the ability to reopen a completed event. You can now reopen registration after the event end date has passed. 

      Released My Cvent. My Cvent is a brand-new application that is designed to help you navigate the Cvent platform with ease. If you have multiple accounts (or want to), you can use My Cvent to link together your users. Those links can in turn be used to allow you to navigate back and forth between the accounts, with the My Cvent Switching Tool, all without ever having to sign out and sign back in. 

      Hybrid Reporting Updates. The newly created fields for Hybrid Event are now available in the reporting framework, so that you can report on the virtual capacities, virtual registration types, hybrid flag and counts of virtual vs in-person attendees at event and product level. 
      The fields will be available in both Event level and Cross Event reports. 

      New Experience 

      Venue Search for New Event Creation Form. Event Creation form will now allow you to add completed Venue details when the event is In Person and Hybrid. 

      • 5 search results max are displayed basis keywords 
      • These results can be Powered by Google or Account Venues 
      • You can search for the Venue/Location from Google, Admin Hotels or type the venue details manually 
      • Venue/Location details will now copy view Template or the parent event 

        Event Actions on Home Page. With this release, you will be able to execute all Event Actions on Event Home Page. Below are the event actions and a brief description about each action:  

        • Copy Event: Copying an Event to create a replica of an existing event  
        • Cancel Event: Cancelling an Event that has active registration or features  
        • Archive Event: Archiving an Event which is cancelled or completed  
        • Delete Event: Deleting an Event with no Accepted (non-test registrants) and any Launched Features  
        • UnArchive Event: UnArchiving an Archived event  
        • Send for Approval: Non-Admin with no access to Event Approval can send the event for approval to Admin  
        • Approve Event: Admin or Non-admin with Event Approval Access can approve the event  
        • Deny Event: Admin or Non admin with Event Approval Access can Deny the event  
        • Hide Event: Used to hide the Cancelled and Completed Events  
        • Unhide Event: Used to unhide a hidden event  

          Event Status Audit in Status History Modal. You will now be able to track how and when an event status was updated on the Feature Status Card. Manual updates in event dates which trigger event status changes records will be released later. All automatic status transitions will be recorded and available for previous events as well.  

          Deprecating Event Status page. With Event Actions on Home Page release, we will be removing the Event Status page from New Experience Events. All features and information available on Event Status page have been moved to home page. 

          Feature Status Audit Modal: You will now be able to review changes to a feature on the home page. It can be accessed via the Status history icon on the Feature Status Icon. We can track when the feature was Added, Removed, Launched or Closed. You can filter the audits by Feature Area and the user who changed it. Feature Audit is available for following features: 

          • Registration 
          • Website 
          • Attendee Website 
          • Event App 
          • OnArrival 
          • Planning  

            Customization of Event Information Card: The Event Information Card can be customized and you can choose the fields needed for you. 

            • Customizing the card will be a user level change and is applicable for all events accessible by that user 
            • We have added eCode and Event Type Field in the event information card 
            • Copy option is available eCode and Event Code for planners to quickly copy the field values 

            Count of features in copy modal: With this feature release, we will now show the Count of data created for each feature in the Copy Data Modal displayed while copying an existing event in new creation form. For example, if there are 4 registration types in that event, it will show Registration Types (4). You can click on Change Selection in Event Data section to access this modal.   

            • A feature that can be created in bulk will only show in the copy data modal when the data items are > 0  
            • Features will show in the copy data modal when they are available in an account  
            • Surveys will show link existing survey option for premium survey copy  
            • Invitation Lists will be greyed out in copy data modal for Multi Language Event as we need multiple invitation lists for each language  


              Zoom Integration stream url and key sync for live sessions. For the live stream sessions using Cvent Video Player, the Zoom integration can now sync the stream url and key into your Zoom meeting, so the video can be streamed to Attendee Hub via Cvent Video Player. 

              Cvent Salesforce App version 5.6 is now available. With this update you will now be able to do the following:  

              • Automatically create or manage campaigns based on Event data. 
              • Manage notification frequency for nomination process. 
              • Access information about virtual, hybrid and in-person event and attendee format in SF. 

                REST API Open Access and Essentials Tier. A new REST API tier is available for all Cvent customers. The Essentials tier allows planners to invite their developers to sign up and try REST APIs. Developers can freely evaluate the APIs, build and test integrations, and engage with other developers on Cvent community. Before deploying integrations into production, developers should reach out to their account admins to upgrade to Professional or Enterprise tier. 

                • Essentials tier is limited to 1,000 calls per day.
                  • 15,000 calls per day for Professional Tier
                  • 500,000 calls per day for Enterprise Tier 


                Additional Advanced Filter Operators: We have introduced four new operators to the advanced filter component: contains one of, does not contain any of, equals one of, and does not equal any of. When any of these operators are selected, you will be able to provide multiple search terms for the same field in open text boxes.  

                Excel Export Enhancements: This release introduces two enhancements to Excel exports: 

                • We previously defaulted to absolute values in data labels for Excel exports, but now we do our best to match what you would see in the reporting application. As an example, if you see percentages in the reporting app for a given chart, the corresponding chart in Excel will have a percentage data label. 
                • When grouping counts are displayed on a grouped grid widget, they will now be included in the Excel export. 


                Surveys Premium for Registration Events

                Matrix Spreadsheet Question. A new question is available that will allow attendees to enter their answers in tabular format. This question type has a collection of open-ended text boxes that can collect short answers. If you're looking to collect multiple data points for each category, like attendees' meal preferences for each day or travel information for each guest can use this question type. The reports are updated to display the answers entered by the attendees. 

                Link Logic. You can now set up cascading questions in your survey by setting up link logic between two questions. This logic restricts the set of choices displayed in a question based on the answer selected in the previous question. For example, your survey may first ask the region where an attendee is from, and then in the next question's choices show only the towns and villages of that region. 

                Surveys Premium for Standalone Surveys

                Transaction ID Surveys. Surveys can now be used to collect feedback from customers after a transaction is over. The transaction ID field can be used to store any unique identifier like an invoice number or a receipt number. You can import the transaction IDs into the Cvent system either using excel or an API. Respondents can take the survey by entering the transaction ID from their invoice or receipt. This is a great feature to map the feedback submitted for a specific transaction.  

                Rating Question Update. The rating question will now support additional rating scales. Authors can now collect feedback ratings on a 3, 7, or 10-point scale. The reports are updated to display the average ratings based on the new scales. 

                Enterprise/Meetings Management

                Meeting Request Forms

                Multi Language Notifications. Workflow components associated to multi-language meeting request forms (MRFs) will now be translated appropriately based on the preferred language of the user interacting with the form. This includes Notifications, data tags, and request statuses. This feature, which was previously available for legacy MRFs, can now be leveraged on new MRFs. 

                Cvent Supplier Network

                Localized Search, RFP Creation and RFP Management experience: If you are opted in to the new experience, you can search venues, create RFPs and manage responses all in the language and locale of your choice (currently 18 languages). You can change your language from the My Profile section of your account.  

                Simplified and Redesigned RFP Creation and Management Experience: If you are opted in to the new sourcing experience, you will see a completely redesigned Suppliers blade, beginning with a simplified and streamlined RFP and continuing through to a modernized Venue List and Award process. In addition, many of the Cvent notification emails have been redesigned and localized. Users who are opted in will be able to switch back to the old experience at any time. This is only the first phase of our multi-phased planner side redesign project with new features coming into the new sourcing experience throughout 2022. Available features today include:  

                • Simplified, single-page RFP form: There are no enterprise features available and the fields have been slimmed down to increase efficiency in RFP creation.  
                • Fully localized experience: Search, RFP Creation, Emails  
                • "Search First" workflow: You will have to start by searching venues before creating an RFP during this MVP phase. In later phases, the ability to create the RFP first will become available.  
                • Redesigned view of the proposal  
                • More modern user experience leveraging the new expeirence  
                • Single-Award RFPs: In the MVP phase, planners will only be able to award to a single venue. In later phase, planners will have the ability to award to multiple venues  
                • Available RFP Management actions: 
                  • Cancel RFP  
                  • Cancel Supplier  
                  • Award Supplier  
                  • Retract Award  
                  • Decline Supplier  
                  • Download RFP  
                  • Add Venues to an RFP   
                  • Run Bid Comparison reports  
                  • Add contracted details 
                  • Run Cross-RFP reports  
                  • Search and view Venue Profiles in their language of choice  
                  • Localized & Redesigned emails:  
                    • New Proposal  
                    • Updated Proposal  
                    • Turned Down RFP  
                    • Withdrawn Proposal  

                      Localized Guest CSN Search and RFP experience: All guest users accessing the Cvent Supplier Network to view venues and create RFPs will now see this functionality in their local language and locale. This also includes any email notifications the guest will receive. Cvent will read the user's browser setting and display language and locale automatically. The guest user can also change their language from the Cvent Supplier Network Search pages. 

                      New Bid Comparison Reports - Report Name Update. Previously, when a custom report template was created under the new Bid Comparison Reports, the name of that RFP was being saved as the report name on the designer. This was misleading when the template was ran for a new RFP and had to be manually updated under the report Settings. 
                      To avoid this manual process, we have removed the Report Name field within the settings on the designer. Instead, it will automatically pull the name of the RFP the report template is running for. 

                      Diagramming and Seating (formerly Social Tables)  


                      Object & Line Pre-configuration. With this update, clicking an object will open an expansion of the object within the panel, allowing you to input settings in the panel before placing the object on the canvas (either via dragging or click to place). The placed object will reflect the selected settings. Pre-configuration is also available for lines and rulers, where users can now input weight and color prior to placement.  

                      • Pre-configuration is only available for objects in the standard catalog (Rental Catalog items are not included) 

                      Change ruler from decimals to ft/in: Common feedback around the ruler tool was that the display for imperial measurements was not intuitive as a decimal value (8.33 ft vs. 8 ft 4 in).  With this update, the ruler will now display the measurements in the left panel/canvas in ft & inches for teams that have selected "Imperial" as their default measurement.   

                      Chair Selector Improvements: With this release, the Chair Selector tool has now been updated so that you can see total chair count on each table side (without requiring the user to click into each side, as previously required). You will also be able to see an example table at that center of the popover that mimics the rotation of the table being edited on the canvas, and helps to visualize chair placement and table orientation. 

                      Mark all Notifications as Read. You will be able to quickly dismiss all notifications by clicking the new "Mark all as Read" option when notifications are expanded. Doing so will dismiss all notifications that were unread and eliminate the badge on the bell.  

                      Line Tool Enhancements. Lines will now reflect the snapping functionality previously limited to rulers–hovering on objects when the line tool is active will reveal snap points and assist you in creating precise connections. Lines will also now have an arrow endpoint option, which if selected, will apply to the side of the line last placed.  

                      Attendee Upload Modal Improvements (Event Registration Users Only). We have created a new screen after the field selection flow for Event Registration users, which informs you of mapping options so you can make educated selections and easier seating decisions. 

                      For event registration flow, the "seating group" dropdown will have a set of recommended fields (Primary Registrant, Group Leader, Company, and Group). If you have not chosen one of those fields from the prior screen, selecting it on this screen will add it to the import. All other dropdowns will contain fields that were selected for import on the previous screen in alphabetical order.  

                      *Note: A field can only be mapped to one column--if a field is already mapped, it will display the disabled state in the design. 


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