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  • 1.  CVENT Access Portal

    Posted 05-17-2022 06:08
    Dear all,

    Has anyone experienced issues with the CVENT Access Portal not working though SSO is enabled?

    We use SSO for general login to CVENT and anyone can request access to this portal across the company.
    We have noticed that our users can request for access and are able to create their independent logins, however SSO doesn't seem to work.
    We have to manually setup the SSO provider for every user. We expect that If SSO is enabled with the provider details for the access portal it should automatically setup every new user who register to the portal. 

    Has anyone else experienced this issue and had it solved? Please comment.


    Chintan Vaidya
    Applications Manager Cvent and EPricing
    Astellas Pharma Europe LtdUnited Kingdom

  • 2.  RE: CVENT Access Portal

    Community MVP
    Posted 05-19-2022 06:34
    Hi Chintan,

    We had to set up SSO for our Access Portal separately from the overall Cvent platform SSO.  Since the SSO was set up for our Access Portal over a year ago, we have not experienced any issues.  Our new users often times commented on how easy it was to get set up and access reports.

    Hope this helps.

    Loretta Peterson
    Event Operations Specialist
    CDWUnited States