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  • 1.  Tip of the Week #33: Top Tips for CVBs

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 11-19-2020 11:27

    Hello, all! For our next edition of Tip of the Week, we are looking at our CVB audience, especially since we understand many users are taking on new roles in our CVBs. We want to share some go-to features recommended by our Client Services team and recent enhancements that will better your experience in the Cvent product. It's a little lengthy this week, but full of great insight. 

    By the way, you won't see a tip next week, as the U.S. Community Team will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. Catch the next tip the first Thursday of December!  

    Starting with our Destination Guide Redesign:

    • If you haven't checked out the Destination Guide recently, we encourage you to jump in! As you are likely familiar with, the Destination Guide is there for our CVB/DMO suppliers to share event and meeting metric overviews, photos, venues, local attractions & activities, and even travel and transportation information. This makes them a key resource for planners when they begin the sourcing stage of their event planning. Now, we understand the world is facing unprecedented times, but with the organization's planning as far as years out, this redesign is just as important as ever in the process of choosing a destination.
      • For our DMO's, you'll be excited to hear this redesign features a modern and enhanced interface that will make it more efficient for you to get the word out there, but also easier for your planners to digest and research the information.
      • A location-based search offers an ease to the planners when they have a particular city, region, or country in mind.
      • The increased written content gives the destination the space to showcase what's important to them, and not worry about leaving out your top picks and partners.
        • I personally enjoy the Outdoor and Weather and Seasonality sections within the Visiting page. With the potential of more increased outdoor events, it is necessary to know these options.
      • We mentioned photos earlier – this redesign now includes larger and higher resolution images to highlight the destination. Especially with the increase in virtual tours and online research, it is more important than ever to provide a planner with a great online experience.

    Next, managing Showcase Leads through the RFP Showcase:

    • Use the RFP Showcase feature to look out for more group business opportunities in your area and notify qualifying venues to submit bids. This allows you to stay on top of the open bids and make sure you, and the qualifying venues in your area, don't miss out.
      • The steps are as simple as accessing the RFP Showcase and browsing the RFPs that are open for bids in your area. You can always sort and filter to narrow the results when needed.
      • When you are ready to learn more, click the View RFP Details button, and then Add Yourself to RFP to view the full details and take the next steps with the lead.
      • Once you add yourself to the RFP, a link will populate which you can share with the qualifying venues.
      • Lastly, track the bids from your area's venues through the Suppliers and Responses page.

    Speaking of sharing RFPs, have you used the Forwarding an RFP function?

    • This function is not available when the RFP was posted to the showcase, but this is the best way to share with your venues when you come across it otherwise.
      • To do so, begin by opening the RFP, then selecting Forward from the Actions dropdown.
      • Be sure to enter your contact details and write a message for the recipient.
      • Select the venue by clicking Add Venue and searching with the prompt.
      • Then, it's as easy as clicking Forward RFP to send the notification. The venue will receive an email informing them they have an RFP in their Cvent account.
        • You can also forward the RFP through the Notification Email directly.
      • Track your actions through the Forwarded RFPs – Sent
    • Use the CVB Report:
      • To make it easy on you, use this report to see an RFP list and chart for your leads and for the venues in your metro area. This gives you a streamlined view into all of the proposal statuses, as well.

    We know how much effort it takes to manage your destination and venues in your area, and hope these features can make your work that much more efficient.

    • Have you used these features before? If so, what worked well and what feedback do you have?
    • For our planners, what benefits do you see in the Destination Guide that you want our CVBs to continue showcasing?

    Let us know below! #CventTip


    Danni Czark
    Senior Associate, Online Community Marketing

  • 2.  RE: Tip of the Week #33: Top Tips for CVBs

    Posted 11-19-2020 12:05

    I have many questions/suggestions regarding the Destinations listings/features. Who can I direct these to via email rather than on the Community boards?

    Alfred Snow
    Convention, Meeting & Event Representative
    Visit Central Florida

  • 3.  RE: Tip of the Week #33: Top Tips for CVBs

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 11-19-2020 12:43
    Hi Alfred,

    Great to hear! I have reached out to Jessica, the Solutions Specialist on your account, and she will be in touch soon to discuss in more detail with you.

    For a few additional resources, you can always contact Customer Care for one-off product questions, and can share any feedback through the Ideas page in the Community.



    Danni Czark
    Senior Associate, Online Community Marketing

  • 4.  RE: Tip of the Week #33: Top Tips for CVBs

    Community MVP
    Posted 11-20-2020 12:38

    this is great information.

    We have recently updated our information and we love the Destination Guide. The new look is easy.

    I have been checking the RFP Showcase weekly, and we were able to add ourselves to 3 leads over the past month or so. I now wish, once we add us, that it would create the "usual" email notification as we are integrated with our CRM and the RFP Showcase will not link in the same way, and it is a manual entry and tracking responses again (which we loved getting away from).

    We also like the CVB report and share it with our team.


    Andrea Timbes
    CRM Administrator & Lead Catcher
    Visit Fort Worth

  • 5.  RE: Tip of the Week #33: Top Tips for CVBs

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 12-01-2020 11:17
    Hi Andrea,

    Awesome to hear you are enjoying the Destination Guide enhancements and the CVB report. Regarding the RFP Showcase, thank you for sharing your feedback! RFP Showcase is designed to function with your Simpleview integration, so our technology team is looking into why the leads are not carrying into your CRM. In the meantime, we suggest continuing to follow the steps you are taking to manually enter the information and track responses. 



    Danni Czark
    Senior Associate, Online Community Marketing

  • 6.  RE: Tip of the Week #33: Top Tips for CVBs

    Posted 12-08-2021 11:29
    The newly redesigned Destination Guide is awesome!  It has been so easy to update our information.

    Amy Zientek
    Director Of Sales
    Visit Lubbock The Convention and Visitors Bureau