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  • 1.  Certificate Credits Wildly Incorrect - Please Advise

    Posted 12-06-2021 05:31

    When printing certificates for a 200 person event, for some reason the numbers among participants are varying wildly. This was a 2.0 credit event, and some folks' certificates state that their credits are 0.00 or as high as 69.50. I can't make rhyme or reason of this disparity. The data tag in the certificate appears to be correct. I'm working on a Saturday after fighting with this system for several hours on my work days. 

    • I've set the credit expiration date to 11/18/25, but for some reason when clicking on individual, it states their credits expired on the day of the event (11/18/21). 
    • I created an account with one of my personal emails, and it appears to work correctly. 

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts/tips!

    Ryan Kneeland
    Training Project Coordinator
    AdCare Educational Institute

  • 2.  RE: Certificate Credits Wildly Incorrect - Please Advise

    Posted 12-06-2021 11:25
    Hi Ryan - 

    Not sure which data tags you are using, but there do appear to be several to select from, depending on the type of credit you are providing.  Since it sound's like it is only assigning partial credit, you may be using the Session Credit data tag rather than the Total Event Credit.

    Here's an article that might help:
    Cvent remove preview
    View this on Cvent >

    Also, since there are a couple of ways to determine when the credit is issued (at the event level or the session level - make sure that your credit expiration date is set at the correct level.

    Setting for Event Level:

    Setting for Session Level:

    Rebecca Yousif
    Senior Administrator, Event Technology

  • 3.  RE: Certificate Credits Wildly Incorrect - Please Advise

    Posted 12-07-2021 23:00
    Thank you! 

    I learned that the expiration date for credits is optional, so I removed it altogether. However, it did take a significant amount of time to manually delete expiration dates from 200 certificates. 


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