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Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q3 2021

  • 1.  Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q3 2021

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 10-12-2021 15:03
    Edited by Cvent Product News 10-22-2021 11:51
    Below you will find the full list of Q3 2021 Product Updates for #EventCloud. This quarter, we have updates to share on #AttendeeHub, #Event(Flex) #newuserexperience, #ReportingandInsights, #Surveys, #OnsiteSolutions, #AccessPortal, #VenueSourcing, and #EventDiagramming,

    Register for our Quarterly Product Update Webinar on November 11 & 12 to hear more about these releases and understand how they can support your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event strategy. You'll also get the chance to join our hour-long Q&A to ask live questions to our Product Managers!​


    Attendee Hub®

    Added support for new attendee engagement actions: You can now award points in the Game and Engagement Scoring to attendees who join a session chat and view an exhibitor video. 

    Enhanced the exhibitor list on the Attendee Website:If your sponsors are not exhibiting at your event, you can now hide them from the exhibitor list on the Attendee Website. Also, exhibitors can now add a tagline that appears on the exhibitor list on the Attendee Website. 

    Updated the view after a session ends:When a session ends, attendees will see information about the next session or appointment on their schedule, if the next activity is starting within two hours. 

    Introduced live view count for the Attendee Website: You can enable live view count if you want attendees to be able to see the number of people viewing a live or simulive session on the Attendee Website. 
    Introduced a footer background image for the Attendee Website: The new image appears in the footer of every page on the Attendee Website, providing an additional event branding opportunity.

    Introduced attendance tracking for virtual sessions: With virtual attendance tracking, you can customize how long attendees must watch a virtual session on the Attendee Website before they are marked as a participant. 
    Introduced attendee messaging for the Attendee Website:  Attendees can now send direct messages to each another on the Attendee Website. 
    Added ability to preview exhibitor booth staff profiles: Now, attendees looking to join one on one meetings with exhibitor booth staff can preview staff details from the exhibitor booth, as long as the staff member's profile is public. 

    Incorporated custom card images into the Event App: Any custom images you've uploaded for link or video cards will now be displayed within the card on the Home page of Event App, in addition to the Attendee Website.

    Added text styling to custom pages: You can now style custom page text for the Attendee Website and Event App using a rich-text editor. 
    Updated the sponsor display for sessions on the Attendee Website:Session sponsors will now display at the bottom of the session card on the All Sessions and My Schedule pages of the Attendee Website, allowing for larger numbers of sponsors and the ability to quickly access a sponsor's page by clicking on their logo. 
    Added support for polling on the Event App:  Attendees can now respond to polls and view the results in real-time from the Event App. Moderators can also manage which questions should be available and when from the app. 

    Added the ability to join virtual appointments from the Event App: For events with Appointments, attendees can now access virtual appointments from the Event App. 

    Improved the process for joining sessions: Attendees can now access live stream or recorded session videos directly by clicking the "Join Now" button from the Home or My Sessions page on the Attendee Website. 
    Introduced discussions for the Attendee Website:Discussions allow attendees to participate in conversations on shared interests and topics in video conferencing rooms with up to five other attendees at a time. 
    Added a template for the game:We've added a template that allows you to quickly create a game for your event with challenges and associated actions automatically included. You'll still have the ability to further customize the game once it's created. 
    Added the ability to download live stream recordings: You can now download the recording of your Cvent live stream sessions from the Video Settings tab within Cvent. 
    Added session surveys to the engagement panel:  Attendees can now access session feedback surveys directly from the session engagement panel on the Attendee Website. 
    Added support for appointments on the Event App:For events with Appointments, attendees can now create, view, and respond to appointment requests from the Schedule tab of the Event App. 
    Added page visibility settings:Now, you can limit which pages attendees see in the Attendee Website and Event App based on their registration type or admission item. 

    Introduced Live Q&A auto-approval: When setting up Live Q&A, you can now enable auto-approval if you want to make all Q&A submissions automatically visible to attendees without moderator approval. Auto-approved questions can still be declined by a moderator as needed. 
    Added Q&A written responses for the Event App:Live Q&A moderators can now answer attendee questions with a written response from the Event App, in addition to the Attendee Website, allowing attendees to read the answers at any time and remain engaged throughout the session. 

    Added support for inbound leads on the Event App: If you've enabled inbound leads, attendees can now send a direct message to exhibitors from their profile on the Event App, in addition to the Attendee Website. Attendees who send a message will be marked as a lead for the exhibitor. 

    Improved Event App attendee list performance: We've improved the attendee list functionality on the Event App to support events with large numbers of attendees. To allow for this increased performance, an attendee's device must now be connected to the internet to access the list. 
    Added schedule preview on the Attendee Website:  Attendees will be able to preview up to three upcoming items on their personal schedule from any page on the Attendee Website by hovering their cursor over the calendar icon in the top-right. 

    Enhanced Add to Calendar functionality on the Attendee Website:  Attendees can now choose to add a session to their personal calendar using browser email services like Google, Outlook, and Yahoo, or download a traditional calendar file from the Attendee Website. 
    Added attendee list filters: You can now allow attendees to filter the attendee list by adding choice questions to your import or registration process and designating specific questions as filters. This allows attendees to narrow down the attendee list based on those filters.  
    Introduced exhibitor one on one meetings: If you are not using virtual meetings for your exhibitors, you can now allow attendees to meet one on one with booth staff. Exhibitor booth staff can check in and out to let attendees know when they are available or unavailable to accept meeting requests. 
    Added support for web and video links on the Attendee Website: You can now display web links or video links within a card that displays on the Home page of your Attendee Website, in addition to the Event App. 
    Added custom pages to the Attendee Website: Custom pages will now appear on the Attendee Website in addition to the Event App. 

    Added session locations to the Attendee Website: If a session has an associated location, it will now display on the Attendee Website in addition to the Event App. 
    Added exhibitor chat and virtual booth hours:You can now enable exhibitor chat on exhibitor virtual booths, as well as set hours for when virtual meetings and chat will be available within the virtual booths. 


    Event Management

    Event Registration (Flex)  

    Linked speaker profiles to their contact records:When a speaker profile matches a contact record in first name, last name, and email, you will now see a link to the contact record. However, if you change any data in either the speaker profile or the contact record, the data will only change within the record you're updating. 

    Added feature status actions to the Home page: We've added the ability to change website and registration feature statuses individually from the Home page. 

    Improved the address widget to limit the list of available countries: We've added the option to limit the countries attendees can select in the Home and Work Address widgets during registration.

    Added import capability for rich-text fields in multi-language events: When importing translations in an event, you can now choose to skip rich-text fields or import fields as plain text.

    Improved the registration experience for events with air requests: We've updated the air request widget so registrants will only see air request fields once they have chosen to book a flight during registration. 
    Flight Request opt-out: The Flight Request widget will display new options to allow you to select whether you would like to place a flight request or not. The Flight Request form will only become available after an invitee chooses to place a request. 

    Added session bundles: 
    Formerly known as tracks, you can now create session bundles, which allow you to bundle multiple sessions into one registration product so invitees can register for all of the sessions together. Registrants pay for bundles with a single fee rather than individual session fees, which allows planners to offer bundle discounts and incentives. 

    Introduced hybrid registration events: You can now create a hybrid registration event, allowing you to designate virtual registration types and simultaneously enforce event, admission item, and session capacities for both in-person and virtual attendees, all within one event. 

    Limit minimum number of guests: You can activate this feature to prevent an invitee from proceeding with registration until they provide the minimum number of guests required.  

    New Experience  

    Custom Event Fields on New Event Creation Flow: We have added support for Custom Event Fields on Event Creation Form  
    1. All Custom Event fields types enabled during Event Creation Wizard will now show on Event Creation  
    2. Custom Event Fields are carried over from source event in Copy and Template creation flows  
    3. Custom Event Fields display inline validations for any errors  

    OnArrival Tier Selection Process: There is a brand-new tier selection modal where you can compare between the available tiers (i.e. basic, premium etc.) of the OnArrival feature and choose the best suited one for your event.  

    • You will be able to switch tiers while OA feature is in pending status without removing and re-adding the feature  
    • You will be able to upgrade the basic tier to Premium tier even after making the OA feature live

    New Event Creation Flows
    : Completely re-imagined event creation form brings this pivotal workflow to the new framework, simplifying and streamlining the process of creating a new event, using any of the event creation methods available.  
    • New Creation Flow provides options to create event from Scratch or Template by clicking on Create Event button  
    • Copy option is available on Event List and Event Status Page  
    • New Event creation form  
    • New "More Options" button on event list page can be used to create Express, Classic or No Reg Event depending on User and Account Access  



    Zoom Integration: Cvent's Zoom integration is now published on the Zoom App Marketplace along with new features: 
    1. OAuth support 
    2. Workflow enhancements to support tracking participation, recording links, walk-ins, and more! 

    More API's: 
    - Registrations 
    - Webcasts 
    - Surveys 
    - Attendee Activities 
    - Attendee Insights 
    - Exhibitors 
    Developers can find a complete listing of available APIs, detailed information about individual APIs and their capabilities on the new developer portal: 

    New Developer Experience: Developers can securely create their own accounts without requiring Cvent to setup account credentials. 
    - You can invite your developers to sign up and grant them API access based on the desired integration use cases. 
    - REST API access will be based on tiered access for Professional and Enterprise clients. 
    - Developers can follow changes specifically related to REST APIs in the new changelog: 

    Cvent Salesforce App Version 5.5: This release includes new features and updates to existing features. Refer here for details: 




    Report Tagging: You can now assign tags to reports! When you assign tags to reports, those tags can be used as filters to help you find the report you are looking for. This is currently available on the planner side and will be supported for Access Portal users soon. 
    Saved Report Preferences: When you add or remove fields before running a report, the system will remember the ones you added and removed, and will apply those changes automatically for the next report run, whether it's in the same event/survey or a different one. 
    Access Portal - Reporting Integration Enhancements: 
    - When publishing to an Access Portal, you can choose whether or not to notify all of the users the report is shared with. You can also optionally set an expiry date for the content that will unpublish the content after it has expired. 
    - The report list page is now localized to the language the Access Portal is set to. 
    - Source product for each report is now listed alongside the report. 
    Scheduled Report Changes: The system now checks whether a scheduled report has been viewed or not. If, for a given schedule, 10 reports that have been generated have not been viewed, we will disable the schedule. If you have email notifications enabled for your schedule, the emails will include a warning when you are close to reaching the limit. Alternatively, when you go to the list page for reports, you will see a similar notification at the top when a schedule is close to being disabled or if a schedule was disabled since you last viewed the page. If you get a warning about a scheduled report getting disabled soon that you still need to be generated, simply view one of the existing generated snapshots and the timer will get reset. 
    Excel Export Enhancement: Header widgets are now exported to Excel. 




    Surveys Premium for Flex Events  

    Event Feedback Completion Metrics: A new report has been added to premium event surveys that display the feedback completion rates across all the surveys in the event. 

    Surveys Premium (Standalone Surveys) 

    Form Question: A new question type has been added that would allow you to collect feedback on different aspects of a service/product/event using a single question concisely so that the respondents don't lose context and also have a sense of comparison while answering them. 

    Advanced Filter in Survey Completion Emails: The survey completion email has been enhanced to support advanced filters.  

    Multilingual Surveys: You can now create surveys with multiple languages and provide translations for the text used in the survey. 


    Enterprise/Meetings Management

    Access Portal 

    Expiration Dates
    : While publishing Meeting Request Forms and Reports to an Access Portal, you can now specify a Content expiration date. When this date occurs, the Report or Meeting Request Form will be removed from view in the Access Portal for all users that had viewing rights. You can see the upcoming and passed expiration dates for each piece of content on the Content tab of the Access Portal, and can select "Update User Access" to apply an expiration date for a piece of content that's already published. 

    Notification Email Preferences: You can now specify while publishing Meeting Request Forms and Reports whether to send an email notification to all users with viewing rights (including Administrators), just portal guests, or choose not to notify anyone. 


    Onsite Solutions


    Hybrid Events: OnArrival now supports Hybrid events with new dashboards and performance enhancements available for you. Stats can be viewed for virtual, in-person, and total attendees. 


    Cvent Supplier Network


    CSN Planner Account Localization: The account has been redesigned to support localization of 18 languages, browsers, and include email verification. The 18 Languages include:
    • Chinese (Simplified)
    • Chinese (Traditional)
    • Dutch
    • English (United States)
    • Finnish
    • French
    • French (Canadian)
    • German
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Portuguese (European)
    • Portuguese (Brazilian)
    • Russian
    • Spanish
    • Swedish
    • Thai
    • Turkish

    Diagramming and Seating (formerly Social Tables) 


    Archive Button for Uploaded Floorplans: Previously, you did not have an option to delete uploaded floorplans, which resulted in unwanted rooms unnecessarily cluttering their Event Space Library.  

    Uploaded floorplans will now have an "Archive" button next to "Create Diagram" button 



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