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  • 1.  Huddle of the Week #5: Engagement in Virtual Events

    Posted 10-19-2020 12:19
    Edited by Danielle Czark 10-19-2020 12:19

    Hello, all! If there is one thing we have learned during these times, it is that engagement in a virtual setting is absolutely crucial. In last week's poll through the Open Forum, we asked what you focus on most to deliver a quality virtual event experience, and an overwhelming amount of you responded with Attendee Engagement. For this edition of Huddle of the Week, we want you to share your best engagement methods in the virtual environment we face today.

    Review the discussion question below and respond with your thoughts and experiences:

    • What are some unique ways, in addition to Q&A and social media, to engage attendees in the virtual environment?

    We hope you learn some new ideas through this discussion, and if you have any questions for another community member don't hesitate to ask below, as well! #HuddleoftheWeek #VoiceIt

    If you are interested in hearing directly from your peers through a virtual customer panel, register for our upcoming Customer Success Group taking place on Wednesday, November 4th 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EST.


    Danni Czark
    Senior Associate, Online Community Marketing

  • 2.  RE: Huddle of the Week #5: Engagement in Virtual Events

    Posted 10-20-2020 17:43
    • Live Polling
    • Gamification within mobile event app
    • Mindful Moments and/or meditation breaks
    • Breaks between sessions
    • Sending a goodie bag via mail prior to event for attendees to "use" or refer to during the event
    • Messaging in the app

    Chelsea Benge
    Events Software Specialist
    Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World

  • 3.  RE: Huddle of the Week #5: Engagement in Virtual Events

    Posted 10-21-2020 10:03
    Having an app, polling, breakouts and happy hours - all virtually set up

    Andrea Timbes
    CRM Administrator & Lead Catcher
    Visit Fort Worth

  • 4.  RE: Huddle of the Week #5: Engagement in Virtual Events

    Posted 10-22-2020 12:57
    Hi Danielle, 

    The most obvious engagement solutions have been cited below. Within the sessions themselves, besides using the Q&A, chat, and polling, I would say that organizing breakout rooms where attendees can interact and see each other is key. If your group is too large to do breakouts, consider using less commonly used features such as the whiteboard in Webex or Zoom to have a moment where everybody can create something together. Have them write a word about how they feel for example (keep an eye on troublemakers who might write something inappropriable). 
    If you have smaller groups, collaborative activities through using shared slides in tools like Pear Deck is a great way to keep people engaged in a visual way rather than abuse polls. 


    Béline FALZON
    Conference Program Specialist II
    California Teachers Association

  • 5.  RE: Huddle of the Week #5: Engagement in Virtual Events

    Posted 10-24-2020 07:00
    We are going with gamification but trying things like a scavenger hunt and trivia.  We are sending attendees a goodie bags with some emojis they can hold up during sessions.  Finally we are going with a virtual poster board area where a thought or idea will be posted and attendees can add a quick one-liner.

    Edward House
    App and Tech Supprt
    Virginia Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

  • 6.  RE: Huddle of the Week #5: Engagement in Virtual Events

    Posted 11-06-2020 13:06
    We had a couple of different types of  engagement at our recent internal conference for 400 people.

    1. We held a Mixer.  We used Zoom breakout rooms.  Each room had a moderator (manager or leader) and then we introduced a topic (ie What is one item on your bucket list?) and the randomly split attendees into different rooms.   We have them 8 minutes and then pulled them back, introduced a new topic and randomly assigned them to a different room.  The event lasted about an hour and they got to go to 5 rooms.

    2. Coffee Breaks.  We asked attendees (SMEs)  in advance to host a 30 minute coffee break. We has people pre-register to attend.  These ended up being small groups talking about a work related topic (ie engaging clients over Zoom, or work life balance, etc).

    3. Wellness. We held daily yoga and meditation sessions.  We also had a nutrition class.

    Happy to share more if anyone wants.

    M Bluyus
    Junior Operations Coordinator
    Edelman Financial Engines