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  • 1.  Attendee Hub- Video Playback with OnDemand

    Posted 09-02-2021 16:07
    Exploring the opportunity for attendees to watch a replay of session in the On-Demand format to award CE credit.   Is there a way to restrict the oppotunity for them to forward the video that is set in On-Demand?

    Jennifer Hartwick
    Senior Continuing Education Coordinator
    Curators of the University of Missouri

  • 2.  RE: Attendee Hub- Video Playback with OnDemand

    Posted 09-09-2021 18:07
    I would suggest utilizing the attendee hub or an app via CrowdCompass where your attendees are  required to be registered for the event/logged into the app in order to view the on demand recording. You could also set very specific times for which the video is available for viewing to really ensure that no one slips through the cracks and/or shares the content with their entire office in a physical setting. We recently hosted an event in which the on-demand recoardings were added and removed manually to sessions in the app during a specific time frame.

    Chelsea Benge Ostoich
    Events Software Specialist

  • 3.  RE: Attendee Hub- Video Playback with OnDemand

    Posted 09-10-2021 16:37
    Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for your question! If you do not want attendees to fast forward through an on-demand video while it is live, you can set the session to be simulive. On the other hand, there is currently no option to restrict the opportunity for an attendee to fast forward in an on-demand video post the session end time. However, if you have session duration tracking turned on for your event, you can see how long an attendee watched the session as the system will not count fast forwarding through the session as viewing it. With this duration tracking setting, you could ensure not to give an attendee credit until they have watched the session for a certain amount of time. You can speak to your account team about enabling this setting if it is not already. 

    Hopefully this helped! Please let us know of any follow up questions.


    Amanda Sidrak
    Client Success Advisor