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  • 1.  Global Events through Flex

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 02-24-2021 11:38

    Hi, Community members! Welcome back to our next edition of Tip of the Week. Today, we want to highlight the many functions available through a Flex event for you to successfully host a global event. With virtual events and so many changes in our industry, we know the audience for your events has certainly grown across regions. Keep reading for some key features to check out in Flex:

    • Multi-Language: Whether you used multi-language events back in Classic, or you are starting fresh through Flex, we know this was a huge release for our users. To get started, be sure to enable Languages within the Website & Registration section of Event Configuration.
      • Enable Languages for Account: If you have not done this before, you'll want to get in touch with support or your Account Team to enable the languages you need. Then, they will appear as an option when enabling languages in Event Configuration.
      • Enable Language Detection: A simple Yes or No button when enabling languages in Event Configuration – this will automatically display the version of your website that matches the invitee's browser language settings.
      • Language Selector Widget: Add this widget to the default Header and Footer to ensure this option appears in your registration and website. This gives your invitees the option to select their preferred language from a dropdown or horizontal list.
      • Translate Text: Now, many of the default Cvent fields, such as labels and error messages, will be translated. For text that is not automatically translated, like your questions and session names, you will want to translate these through Language Management.
        • Access Language Management by hovering over Website & Registration > Language Management > Translate. You can choose to make updates one-off or import in bulk.
    • Time Zones: It has been extra important to keep our schedules on track with all of the virtual events and meetings. Having your event in the attendee's proper time zone will help ease any confusion.
      • Within Flex, you can choose to display the time zone in multiple widgets.
        • To do so, hover over Website & Registration > Registration Process > Open Site Designer > Settings on right menu > Toggle 'Display time zone' on. Select which widgets – Add to Calendar, Agenda, Event Date & Time, Registration Deadline, Registration Summary, Sessions.
      • Now, attendees can adjust to their device's time zone and it will stored in their record so they do not need to repeat this step. Based on the widgets you chose to display the time zone for, they will see an Adjust button next to 'Viewing in X Time.'
    • Add to Calendar: While this goes hand-in-hand with the time zone settings mentioned above, it is important to reiterate how necessary this function is. This can be included as a widget on the website and post-registration pages, as well as within event and session emails. Pro tip: Include this in all options to ensure your attendees don't miss out.
    • Email Reminders: Speaking of emails, be sure to use Cvent communications to the fullest to keep your attendees in the know.
      • Within Event and Session emails, use scheduled sends to make sure reminders are sent when it makes sense.
        • To do so, access the email within Promotion & Communication > Event Emails, then Edit to adjust the Send Settings.
        • You can select 'Send this email: At the following date and time' and choose the day/time/time zone to essentially set it and forget it. Be sure to set your preferred audience, or use filters and advanced settings if you need to drill down by fields such as Work Country.

    Questions for You:

    • How have you successfully managed a global event, whether virtual or in-person, using any of the above features in Flex?
    • What other Cvent features have you used when managing global events?

    If you have any additional feedback, suggestions, or questions, let us know below! #CventTip


    Danni Czark
    Senior Associate, Online Community Marketing

  • 2.  RE: Global Events through Flex

    Posted 03-03-2021 14:19
    We had a Global Virtual event with over 16 countries from the US to Australia to the UK and Romania. We made sure all the sessions were in Pacific time where the event was being hosted and then everyone used the time Zone feature to make sure sessions were in the correct tiume zone. We also has some tracts that were specifc to GEO's so we listed these in Pacific Time but at the coorecdt time for the GEO. We also used advanced production to take some live sessiosna dn covert to on demand immediatley so they were ready for other time zones to watch after they occured. It all worked quite well.

    Scott Sward
    Global Travel and Events Manager
    Viewpoint, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: Global Events through Flex

    User Group Member
    Posted 03-04-2021 10:54
    Man do we wish the multi-language was available in flex when we did our global program over the summer.

    We did utilize the time zones / add to calendar though which was helpful and nice so we didn't have to worry about how we were going to ensure people were blocking the right time, they could get it to show correctly for them on the agenda and in their calendar reminders.

    We ended up creating a nav bar that had the pages in different languages people could choose from and then on the registration questionnaire we'd put in multiple language options that were our top 2-3 languages to hit (i.e. Name / Nombre)

    Rachel Sigley
    Director, Brand Marketing
    Tata America International Corporation