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  • 1.  Always bid on the group

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    Posted 12-14-2021 20:45
    Something I have learned is that even if you don't have the rooms or can't offer a discount, or don't have something they are asking for you should still bid on the group! CVENT gives you the ability to change dates, if you're sold out you could offer a different date range. Maybe they are flexible in their dates. A lot of times I'll get a lead where it says they need meeting space and it's a deal breaker. Even though I don't have the meeting space available I still bid on it and let them know I don't have it. Quite often they will still book with me because my rates are better or they still want my venue. You never know, so offer what you can and they might be available to change their plans for the right price.

    Teresa James
    Director of Sales & Marketing
    DoubleTree by Hilton Gainesville