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  • 1.  Tip #4 - CSN/RFP Changes for Cancelled/Postponed Events

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 04-29-2020 10:33

    Hi Cvent Community!


    For our fourth "Tip of the Week" series post, we are excited to share a great outline of how you can improve the first step of your event lifecycle. That's right, we mean your RFP's and sourcing.


    We have been facing unprecedented times the past months, and we understand it is affecting your events and leading to changes. Through the Cvent Supplier Network, you are able to source for your venues and submit/award your RFP's, but how do you handle it when your event is cancelled or you need to track these changes with your venues?

    • First, we would like to outline several new "reasons" for cancelling an RFP, created by our Product Team in the past weeks. You may have been familiar with how to cancel an RFP, however there are now cancellation reasons for Epidemic or pandemic, Natural disaster, Political or civil unrest, and Medical emergency. Whether just one or many events of yours have been affected, this should help for tracking purposes when analyzing this in the future.
    • For our hoteliers, there has also been an update for the turn-down reason including Hotel Closed Temporarily and Hotel Closed Permanently. Although this action is taken by the supplier, this is another informative way to track how your venues are being affected.
    • If your venue has offered you credit due to your event cancellation, there is a helpful way to track it. We don't want that credit to get lost when you are rescheduling or planning your next event and searching for your venue, therefore you can add the credit through the Cancelled Space option associated with the venue. Next time you are searching through the Supplier Network, there will be a label "Cancelled Space" reminding you there is credit to be used.
      • Even if you are not yet searching through the Supplier Network, you will see your credit on the Overview page in your account.
      • Don't forget to track if this credit has been used! Once you have used this credit through another booking, you can open the record and change the status to "Used." From there, you can fill in additional details in the Rebooked Space Information section and associate it the new RFP. This status will allow you to see the full story behind the credit.
      • As an additional note, if you haven't awarded the business and already have the new dates, you can update the RFP and resend to the venues. The venues can then update their bids.


    Have you noticed the new Cancellation Reasons yet? If so, do you find it helpful for your reporting and tracking of venue changes? Are there any other steps you are taking when managing your affected events and looking to the future for rebooking? Please feel free to share by replying to this post so others can learn and discuss from here.


    If you have any questions, let us know!#CventTip

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    Alaina Del Real

  • 2.  RE: Tip #4 - CSN/RFP Changes for Cancelled/Postponed Events

    Community MVP
    Posted 05-06-2020 14:49
    LOVE this and will share with our internal team as well as sending out a reminder to our hotel partners.

    THanks for sharing

    Andrea Timbes
    CRM Administrator
    Visit Fort Worth

  • 3.  RE: Tip #4 - CSN/RFP Changes for Cancelled/Postponed Events

    User Group Member
    Posted 05-07-2020 10:56
    I love the new cancellation reasons and the credit tracking option. These will be so helpful for the events originally planned for this spring and summer and maybe into the fall. Previously we had to put extra notes into our tracking but this will make it that much easier! Thanks Cvent!

    Megan Ridgway
    Sr. Specialist, Event Operations
    S&P Global Market Intelligence(PreviouslySNL Financial LC)

  • 4.  RE: Tip #4 - CSN/RFP Changes for Cancelled/Postponed Events

    Posted 05-08-2020 09:27
    Thanks for sharing these tips!  I will certainly pass them along to our team and have them look more into these options!

    Deedee Southerlin
    Senior Program Development Specialist
    Georgia Southern University Division of Continuing Education

  • 5.  RE: Tip #4 - CSN/RFP Changes for Cancelled/Postponed Events

    Posted 05-10-2020 13:44
    Thanks, Good times and I will be sharing internally. 
    Thanks for sharing

    Amanda McGahan
    Tate & Lyle Plc

  • 6.  RE: Tip #4 - CSN/RFP Changes for Cancelled/Postponed Events

    Posted 05-12-2020 13:45
    Thank you for sharing these tips!

    Margeaux Nice
    Corporate Communications
    PNC Bank, N.A.

  • 7.  RE: Tip #4 - CSN/RFP Changes for Cancelled/Postponed Events

    Posted 05-13-2020 13:34
    Thank you for sharing these tips and I love the addition of the credit tracking.  We have had so many spring events reschedule for  the fall and I think the credit tracking will prove to be invaluable.

    Amy Zientek
    Director Of Sales
    Visit Lubbock The Convention and Visitors Bureau

  • 8.  RE: Tip #4 - CSN/RFP Changes for Cancelled/Postponed Events

    Community MVP
    Posted 05-15-2020 11:10
    Thank you for the tips! We're very thankful that our hotel partners were wonderful in working with us on our cancellations this year. Crazy times!

    Lori Wildman
    Senior Marketing Manager
    DuCharme McMilllen & Associates

  • 9.  RE: Tip #4 - CSN/RFP Changes for Cancelled/Postponed Events

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 05-15-2020 14:38

    Happy Friday!

    So happy to hear that everyone finds value in these features and has had good experiences with your hotel partners! Have you used any of these listed features, or have any best practices to share with other Cvent users? I've heard from some of you directly, but would love to see any suggestions and tips.


    If you have any suggestions for the features mentioned (product enhancements), I highly suggest switching over to the Ideas tab in the Cvent Community. Cvent's Product Teams wants to hear directly from you the users, on how to make Cvent products better.


    If you have advice or want to add any tips for handling cancellations or rebookings, please share as a public post by clicking reply. I love seeing all the discussions!


    And now, my final tip for the thread: Share the love. I've heard from quite a few of you that you've had great experiences working with hotels & vendors during these trying times. Give them a shout out on social media and here on the Cvent Community. We all have a moment when a simple compliment or thank you can make our day, mine has been seeing all your happy responses.

    Alaina Del Real