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Outstanding answers from live Q&A - Quarterly Product Update webinar (Q4 2019)

  • 1.  Outstanding answers from live Q&A - Quarterly Product Update webinar (Q4 2019)

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 02-26-2020 16:07

    For those who joined us last week for our Q4 2019 product updates, thanks for attending! We hope you found the presented content valuable and left with a clear understanding of Cvent product development. Our next QPU Webinar will be held in early May - be on the lookout for that invite in the Community soon!

    Couldn't join us this quarter? We missed you! Find the on-demand link here, which has been chapterized for you to easily jump between the product update portions you care about. 

    You asked your questions, and we have your answers. Below you will find the full Q&A from this past webinar, broken down by product.

    Event Management

    1. Q: Is it on your roadmap to add G-Pay icon (in addition to Apple Wallet) on your websites? asked by @Kimberly Wolfe
    • A: Yes, this is on our roadmap and you can expect to see it sometime in 2021.
    2. Q: When will the response-dependent questions for No Room Required and/or No Travel Needed be enabled?  asked by @Catherine Canty
    • A: Alternate Travel Questions are currently available in Flex events.
    3. Q: When will Flex start using OBS/Source ID be added for the PNR integration? asked by @Catherine Canty
    • A: If we can get more information on what you're looking to achieve, we can help provide an answer to what we may or may not be able to support. Please reach out to your Cvent Success resource with more information!
    4. Q: Flex status update on Q2 releases - on target? asked by @Caroline Hartman
    • A: To view the real-time list of currently available Flex features and roadmap projections for features yet to be released, reference the Flex Features page.
    5. Q: I was a RegOnline user and wonder if you are planning on setting up a Snapshot report? asked by @Linda Francisco
    • A: The Cvent Support team can help you build out a report similar to what the Snapshot report in RegOnline provided! Depending on which information you're looking for, the team can advise which fields to add accordingly. They can be reached at 866-318-4357 and press option 1 for Event followed by 1 again for Standard Event questions.
    6. Q: Have you increased the number of questions that can be asked in Flex? asked by @Jane Nesbitt
    • A: The current temporary limitation on Registration Questions in Flex events is 50 questions. Should you require a limit increase, work with your Cvent Success resource and they can assist!
    7. Q: Will the Contact Pages used in Membership Management be updated to look more like the Flex events? Will we be able to add Membership Questions to the Flex events? asked by @Lance Kruse
    • A: Yes, this is on the roadmap, however no timelines have been established at this time.
    8. Q: When will dual Language be available? asked by @Elizabeth Clifford
    • A: Multi-Language Events in Flex is currently scheduled to be released in Q2 2020. You can track the release of this feature on the Flex Features page.
    9. Q: Will custom data tags for a Content Block be available in Flex soon? There is only the Plain Text one. This is to use tables or bulleted lists as a custom data tag (content block) in emails and websites in Flex. Thanks! asked by @Anh Menard
    • A: Content Block data tags are on the roadmap, however the new 'Custom HTML Widget' may be a better solution moving forward for your tables and bulleted lists. This release is currently scheduled for Q2 2020, and you can track the release of this feature on the Flex Features page.
    10. Q: Can I create a Flex event by copying from a Classic event? asked by @Sridharan Gupta
    • A: Due to the different architectural back-ends of the two event types, you will not be able to copy a Classic event into a Flex event. However, this is a great opportunity to revisit your different templates and optimize all of the new functionality Flex events have to offer!


    1. Q: Is the Appointment list update only when using the dynamic event guide, or all appointments entered into CrowdCompass? asked by @Claire Shields
    • A: The appointment list update applies to all events regardless of using Dynamic Event Guide or not. Please note that attendees will have the benefit of directly seeing their appointment information within the Event Guide.
    2. Q: On the Mobile App by CrowdCompass, currently it is not possible to have a version online and a version to work on. So nothing can be released until the App is perfectly up to date. At our last event, only half the participants downloaded the app. Being able to provide info in advance, when everything has been decided yet, would make downloading the App way more attractive. asked by @Dominique Sonia Brule
    • A: This is a great suggestion - I recommend submitting this on the Ideas page of the Cvent Community! Meanwhile, you can control access to certain pages or features based on group access before the event or when they are ready to be ready for the general audience.
    3. Q: How fast are the appointments updated in CrowdCompass for attendees? asked by @Kimberley Davenport
    • A: The update time depends on event data, network traffic, and connectivity. In general, data is updated in the app as fast as in seconds but can be up to a few minutes.

    Enterprise / Meetings Management

    1. Q: Are parked reports going away completely? asked by @Cindy Carlson
    • A: Parked Report Groups will ultimately be replaced by Access Portal. Nothing will go away in 2020 - we will share exact sunset dates to impacted customers with plenty of warning.
    2. Q: When do we need to convert to the new MRF and User Management portals? Are Parked Reports going away? asked by @Lisa Charney
    • A: You can start converting your classic MRF/Portals/Parked Report Groups today. But if you aren't quite ready yet, don't worry - nothing will go away in 2020, and we will share exact sunset dates to impacted customers with plenty of warning. Additionally, your Success Resource will be reaching out in the next few months to discuss the best strategy for you to migrate to Access Portal, New MRF, Flex, Reporting and other next-generation Cvent solutions.
    3. Q: Access Portals - replaces Meeting Request and Parked Report Groups and what else? asked by @Julie Clifford
    • A: In addition to Meeting Request Website and Parked Report Groups, Access Portal replaces legacy Portal functionality.

    Onsite Solutions (OnArrival)

    1. Q: Is it on your roadmap to integrate OnArrival with Eloqua (in addition to Marketo)? asked by @Kimberly Wolfe
    • A: If you are referring to OnArrival, the event and session check in data is already synced to Marketo and Eloqua. If you meant to ask about LeadCapture, support for Eloqua integration is on our roadmap.
    2. Q: For the session scanning event within OnArrival, do you need that stand? asked by @Katie Paolucci
    • A: Yes, currently the stand and NFC scanner come as a package. For session scanning with QR codes, you can continue to hand scan using optical scanners.
    3. Q: For OnArrival Premium, is it possible to have a noise to signify when someone correctly checks in? Currently, the iPad will make a noise when someone cannot check in, but not when someone correctly checks in. asked by @John Ehrhardt
    • A: With the NFC quick scan release, all quick scan options now include a noise for successful check-in in addition to the denied noise. This also applies to all hand scanners.


    1. Q: Are you looking to add groups to the feedback surveys? We would like to tie the surveys in Cvent to groups via internal info. Is this possible? asked by @Mary Donini
    • A: Surveys Views is a feature that allows you to group/categorize surveys based on specified criteria. The feature is in our roadmap but is not planned at this time.
    2. Q: For the feedback surveys, I'd like to know if we can add in when they took the survey. This will be helpful to include in reporting (timestamp). asked by @Mary Donini
    • A: "Last Modified Date" field shown in event feedback reports displays the timestamp of the most recent change to the survey response. This can help identify the date attendees took the survey.


    1. Q: Can you propose new appointment time, not just Accept or Decline? asked by @Caroline Hartman
    • A: You can propose new time in addition to Accept and Decline on the Attendee website.

    Social Tables

    1. Q: With the Social Tables, can those maps and diagrams be directly integrated with CrowdCompass? asked by @Nathan Hall
    • A: There is no direct integration between Social Tables and CrowdCompass at this time, but it's definitely something that we are considering! You can expect Social Tables integrations with other Cvent products later this year.

    Speaker Resource Center (coming soon!)

    1. Q: What is the difference between getting the speaker info through Abstract vs. Speaker Resource? Do those systems work together? asked by @Brianne Wyatt
    • A: Abstract Management provides the opportunity to source the speaker via the Call for Papers where submissions may be open to any individuals, or those who are invited to submit. Those submissions may then be reviewed, and decisions will be made as to who will be a speaker at the event. From there Abstract provides the ability to publish those speakers directly into the event. Those speakers would then be the individuals that would log into Speaker Resource Center to complete tasks, view their sessions and have access to any other details provided by the planner. It is not necessary to have Abstract to utilize SRC as speakers can be added and imported directly within the event, and any speaker in the event can be granted access to SRC.
    2. Q: Is there a max limit for size of speaker upload files and will this support uploads of embedded videos? asked by @Claire Shields and @Lauren Frede
    • A: The maximum file size per file is 250MB, and it does not support embedded videos. Speakers are not limited to the number of files they may upload.
    3. Q: Does the speaker Presentation Materials upload integrate with CrowdCompass? asked by @Blu Nordgren
    • A: We are finalizing the process in the next few weeks to allow for files that were selected to be uploaded to the session record to then be passed along into the mobile application. (Please note, these files must meet the mobile requirements of 10MB or smaller, and format of PDF.)
    4. Q: Can you elaborate on the share session information feature in the new Speaker Resource Center? asked by @Shelby Weissman
    • A: The Speaker Resource Center is tied directly within the event, and as such it will display the sessions associated to the logged in speaker. When a speaker accesses SRC there is a page, 'My Sessions' that will include details pertaining to each session for which they are a speaker. This information will include session name, description, date/time, room location and any additional speakers.
    5. Q: When will the Speaker Resource Center be available? asked by @Julie Clifford, @Nathan Hall, and @Lauren Frede
    • A: The Speaker Resource Center is currently available in Early Adopter phase and is scheduled to be generally available in late Q1 2020.

    California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

    1. Q: Cvent and their products do not sell information, correct? asked by @Caroline Hartman
    • A: The idea of selling personal information in the traditional sense runs counter to Cvent's core principles. We do not sell data in this manner. Nor do we sell our customer's data collected using our products. However, the new California privacy law (CCPA) significantly expands the definition of sale to include such things as disclosing, disseminating, making available, or otherwise communicating orally, in writing, or electronically, your personal information to another business for any valuable consideration.

      You can learn more about your privacy rights, methods of submitting your opt-out requests, and how we handle your personal information in our Privacy Policy.
    2. Q: If we use for internal only, do we legally need to show the Do Not Sell verbiage? asked by @Cindy Carlson
    • A: The do not sell verbiage from CCPA is only needed if the collector determines that they "sell" the data under the law. Our customers have the option to include it on Cvent products when they sell the data they are collecting using our products.
    3. Q: Is the CCPA opt-out link only visible to California registrants? asked by @Shelby Weissman
    • A: This is not a current capability of the product at this time. We do, however, allow our customers the ability to customize different parts of the process based on their own needs.


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