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Weekly Product Release Notes - March 31, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - March 31, 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 03-31-2022 12:07
    March might be coming to and end, but for us that just means we are bringing you lots of new product releases. This week we have updates for #AttendeeHub, #AccessPortal, #CventSupplierNetwork, and Integrations.


    Attendee Hub

    Exhibitor Chat Moderation

    Booth staff and event global moderators are now able to moderate the exhibitor's chat. This includes the ability for moderators to delete messages and ban users who may be abusing the Chat feature or harassing other users.

    Enhanced Profile (Web)

    This feature enhances the current profile to a more 3-dimensional profile that embodies a person and showcases those details that foster the most connections for that specific event, whether virtual or onsite. This primarily focuses on visual enhancements to Profiles in the web experience.

    Video play and Video mute issue alert

    In some infrequent cases, the video for a virtual session may not begin playing automatically or the audio may be muted when playback begins. This is mostly browser related and may be due to intentional browser settings. To improve the experience with these cases, we have updated the session details player to include a warning message when this occurs so the you are aware and can manually start the video playback or unmute the audio.

    Your Events - Credits

    You can now view your earned credits in Your Events page's Past Events section. Credits will be shown for all past events as well as for current events if applicable.

    Featured Events (upcoming events)

    Featured Events is an extension to the Upcoming Events feature in Attendee Hub. From your calendar > calendar options, select up to 3 featured events that will be prominently displayed at the top of your Upcoming Events feature. Showcase your best events!



    Meetings Management


    Auto-attachments in Simple Meetings Access Portal

    Many of you use the administrative library to upload documents for all users; documents like contracts, addendums, etc. For those with Instant Book Simple Meetings, you will now have the ability to choose if you would like the document to be auto-attached to RFPs in CSN, Simple Meetings Access Portal, or both.

    These attachments will appear on the RFP on the Simple Meetings Access Portal RFP form. The same settings for whether you can remove the document or not will still apply.


    Cvent Supplier Network

    Environmentally Friend Venue field available in RFPs &
    Suppliers report

    We received feedback that you want to be able to report on the environmentally friend venues that you have sourced or awarded business to. This field will be available in the RFPs & Suppliers cross RFP report for all planner accounts.


    Interactive Floorplan Redesign

    • List View
      • Rooms will be grouped by floor, or in some cases listed individually. You may scroll through the list or filter based off attendees and/or setup type and browse room by room size. Featured meeting rooms will highlight two rooms at the property.
    • Map View
      • The map view offers an alternate view of rooms at the property from the list view but adding context of the floor map. Similar to list view, rooms will be grouped by floor, or in some cases listed individually and you may scroll through list or filter based off attendees and/or setup type. Featured meeting rooms are also shown here.
    • Interactive Map within Map View
      • With the interactive map, you may hover over each meeting space to see additional information on that space. Combinations rooms, such as ballrooms, can be selected individually and alternate combinations are offered as suggestions.
    • Room Detail View
      • Clicking on a room on the List or Map views brings you to the room detail view. Images and example layouts for a chosen room are show on this view. You can also access Photorealistic 3D (PR3D) if it exists for that room as well.
    • Featured Meeting Rooms
      • This new feature spotlights two of the property's rooms. The current logic is to display rooms that have Photorealistic 3D (up to 2 at a time, if property has more than two PR3D rooms, these will rotate). If the property does not have PR3D rooms, there is logic based off number of images a room has and description.




    Updated Application Connector Credentials for Concur Expense Integration

    Due to new security requirements from Concur, Cvent has updated the Username & Password for Concur Application Connector. These new credentials can be found under Cvent>Admin>Integration> Concur Expense Integration and need to be updated in Concur on the Application Connectors page. This is a one-time action needed on the integration to prevent disruption of services for existing users.


    Verification Code for Concur Expense Integration

    In accordance with authentication changes on Concur, Cvent has introduced a Verification Code section. This code needs to be generated on Cvent>Admin>Integration> Concur Expense Integration page and entered on the Cvent Concur Expense Connector page in the Concur App Center. This is a one-time action needed on the integration to prevent disruption of services for existing users.

    Note: The Verification Code for your account stays valid for 24 hours post which needs to be regenerated.





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