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Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q1 2022

  • 1.  Cvent Quarterly Product Updates - Q1 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 03-07-2022 09:09
    Edited by Cvent Product News 03-11-2022 14:31
    Below you will find the full list of Q1 2021 Product Updates for #EventCloud. This quarter, we have updates to share on #AttendeeHub, #Event(Flex), #NewExperience, #EventDiagramming, #MeetingsManagement,  #VenueSourcing, #OnsiteSolutions and Integrations. 

    Register for our Quarterly Product Update Webinar on March 31 & April 1 to hear more about these releases and understand how they can support your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event strategy. You'll also get the chance to join our hour-long Q&A to ask live questions to our Product Managers!​


    Attendee Hub® 


    Enhanced the virtual meeting experience with exhibitor booth staff. Now, attendees who want to book an appointment with an exhibitor will select the exhibitor, and a booth staff member will be automatically assigned to the appointment. 

    Introduced the Your Events page. With the Your Events page, you can allow attendees to view events they've previously attended and future events they're registered for. 

    Home Screen Scheduling.
     Now, using the Card Scheduler, you can decide when content will appear on your Attendee Hub's Home page. 
    Enhanced the time slot options for exhibitor booth hours.You can now create multiple time slots when you set hours for your exhibitors to interact with attendees. 
    Added text-based discussions to the Attendee Website.We've added the ability to create text-based discussions in addition to video discussions on the Attendee Website. 
    Introduced the upcoming events feature.Using the Event Calendar, you can now display upcoming events on your Attendee Website.  You can now add an image for the events in your event calendar. These images will appear on the Upcoming Events page on the Attendee Website. 

    Preview of Custom Pages in the App Builder. While creating a custom page, you can now preview how the page will appear on both the web and event app. 
    Embedded Cvent Video Conferencing collaborative session recordings.For collaborative sessions using Cvent Video Conferencing, attendees can now watch the session recordings directly within the Cvent Video Player on the Attendee Website, instead of in a separate browser tab. Collaborative sessions with multiple recordings or transcript files will continue to be available for playback in a separate tab. 
    Light and dark background support in Attendee Website. We have worked on and provide light and dark background support on the following components in Attendee Hub: 

    • Header text 
    • Text links 
    • Buttons 
    • Search bar (text box) 
    • Overflow menus 
    • Sort by options 
    • Filter category 
    • Date / time picker 

    Improved the All Sessions page layout. Now when attendees search for sessions in the All Sessions page on your Attendee Website, they will only see results for the days they have sessions available to them, according to their registration type and admission item. Additionally, if you've manually registered attendees for a session that is not available to them, they will see it on My Schedule page, but not the All Sessions page.  
    Introduced admission item upgrade for the Attendee Website. With the new admission item upgrade feature, you can monetize your Attendee Website by giving attendees the option to upgrade to a higher priced admission item in order to access additional event content. 
    Automated exhibitor setup in Appointments. Now, when you add your exhibitor staff to your Attendee Hub event prior to creating your appointment event, booth staff will be added to the "Booth Staff" group automatically. 

    Exhibitor Organization Appointments A new type of appointment, called Exhibitor Networking, where attendees can request to meet with an Exhibitor or Sponsor without specifying which staff they want to meet with. Once the organization is selected, we will automatically assign an available booth staff to the appointment based on the time slot requested.  

    Multi-Lingual Event App Improved language capabilities are now possible in the event app. If an event is translated into a language that matches the default language of the device, the event app will display the desired language accordingly. All system prompts are translated into 20+ languages and you can now add their own event content translations. 

    Light Theme and Presenter Status Indicators in Cvent Studio. We have added a light theme to the Presenter View in order to match the aesthetic of Attendee Hub when Presenter View is embedded within an I-frame. This will make the overall experience feel more fluid. Additionally, we have added status indicators for when a Presenter is live and when the session is streaming and/or recording. 


    Event Management 

    Event Registration (Flex) 


    UTM Parameter Enhancements. Event Marketers will now have more visibility to event traffic with the ability to view parameters passed through URLs, hidden fields, or cookie level data in the individual attendee record and reports.

    Event Format Switch. You will now be able to update your event format after creating the event and before opening it to registrations. This includes switching from: In Person to Hybrid, Virtual to Hybrid, Hybrid to In Person, and Hybrid to Virtual

    Customization of webpage titles on the navigation widget. You can now change how each webpage's name is displayed in the website navigation. On top of allowing more customization, this enhancement allows planners to have multiple website pages with the same name.

    Added membership items to registration. Allow attendees to purchase and sign up for  membership items during registration. This also gives you the ability to require invitees to have a membership in order to register, and then purchase or renew their membership if needed.

    Session Add to Calendar Links in Email Agenda.  You can now include add-to-calendar download links beside each registrant's sessions in the My Agenda email widget.

    Enhanced the cookie banner message and options. You can now choose to display a cookie banner that allows website visitors to opt-out from non-essential cookies.

    Hotel Room Sub Blocks. This will allow you to:
    • Combine multiple room types to create a single room block to have invitee pick rooms based on the capacities from a common pool
    • Reserve room capacities based on the registration type of the invitee. You would be able to block off rooms for specific registration types and let everyone else request rooms from the remaining capacity


    New Experience 

    Event Creation via MRF in New Experience. You can click on "Create Event" button on the meeting request form to access a New Event Options Page and select one of the new creation flows/pages: 

    • Scratch: Creating the event from blank state 
    • Copy: Copying an Existing Event 
    • Template: Selecting a template event 
    • Set Up Later (No Registration Required): This is when event is not ready for the audience and event needs to be set up for Planning only 

    Automatic Event Creation flow via MRF: Create a New Experience event with limited features, when event creation trigger creates an event automatically via MRF.

    New Limited Feature Event: This is a new name for old No Registration Required Events. Limited feature event can only be used for planning, budgeting, adding tasks and documents. 

    • Limited feature event can be converted to an actual event for the audience by clicking on new Set Up Event button or Set up Event Tip on the home page 
    • Set up Event button will allow you to access the Event options page and you can create an event for the audience by selecting creation options like Scratch, Copy and Template 

    New Event Copy Page: We have added a new copy page using which you can select an event to copy when creating an event via meeting request form 
    Note: All existing workflows for Meeting request forms, triggers etc. should work as it is and are not impacted by this change 


    Email and Attendee Hub Notification schedule settings on Copy/Template Event Creation flow. You can now adjust the scheduled emails and Attendee Hub notification dates from the source event as per new event dates, while creating the event via copy/template creation flow 
    - To adjust the send dates of the scheduled emails as per event dates, select "Adjust Email Send Dates" option under Emails 
    - To adjust the send dates of Attendee Hub notifications as per event dates, select "Adjust Notification Send Dates" option under Attendee Hub Notifications 
    Note: Attendee Hub Notification setting will only be visible when source or template event has Attendee Hub enabled 


    My Cvent 

    Diagramming and Seating (Previously Social Tables) Support in My Cvent. You can now link Diagramming and Seating (Social Tables) to your My Cvent profile. 


    Diagramming and Seating (Previously Social Tables) 

    Measurement Guides for Additional Table Types. Earlier last year, we released our measurement guide functionality for round tables, which allowed you to easily know the distance between active tables (previously the only way to do so was via the ruler tool after placement). With this release, we have expanded measurement guides to include the additional following table types: 

    • Square 
    • Rectangle 
    • Theater rows 
    • Crescent  

      Modal Redesign. In 2019, we released a new design for Diagramming and Seating that deviated from our previous purple color scheme; however, in various locations within our product we are still surfacing modals with the outdated design patterns. We have updated and improved the following modals: 

      • Quick Print Messaging 
      • Updates to Diagram 

      Customizable Attendee Details. With this release, you will now have the ability to customize the fields that display in the attendee card in the left panel and the attendee popover on the canvas. Additionally, you are not limited in the number of fields you can select and include. 

      Layout Picker. When Photorealistic 3D is launched through IFP and the CSN Meeting Room Grid, the layout picker functionality will allow you navigate between additional predefined layouts. The layouts rendered are those defined in convert builder for that bookable room. Future enhancements may allow more flexibility and customization of layouts.


      Modal Redesign. In 2019, we released a new design for Diagramming and Seating that deviated from our previous purple color scheme; however, in various locations within our product we are still surfacing modals with the outdated design patterns. We have updated and improved the following modals:

      • 3D Render alert
      • Add Layout


      Event Registration 2-Way Integration Update – Disable Attendee Deletion. Since we are treating Event Registration as the source of truth at the contact level for an event, we do not want to allow users to delete attendees from Diagramming and Seating. We are doing so to avoid confusing scenarios where a Diagramming and Seating attendee list is out of sync with your Event Registration attendee list and complicate 2-way syncs from ST to Cvent. As part of this work, we have disabled all instances of "Delete Attendee" (including in the Edit Attendee Modal and in the Grid) and will display a popover that reads "Attendees imported from Cvent cannot be deleted."

      *Note, once an Event Registration link is made, attendees cannot be added in ST


      Event Registration 2-Way Integration Update – Header Language for Synced Information. As part of the 1-Way Integration, we had a message in the header that seating information in Diagramming and Seating would not sync into Cvent. With the 2-way changes, we want to update this language so it reflects seating will by synced. 


      Diagram Automation in CSN (Diagram Rendering). If you want to understand what your event will look like at potential venues, this new functionality will leverage our existing Diagram Automation logic to offer a more catered, individualized diagram output that takes into account your attendee counts and desired setup type. 

       *Note: This is only work to render the Diagram. The update to enable this feature in CSN will be released at a later date 




      Standalone Surveys available in Salesforce App 

      • Create survey programs in Salesforce link them to surveys in Cvent. 
      • Set up data transfer settings and store your survey data in Salesforce objects. 
      • Sync contact, custom contact, respondent, and answer data from Cvent 
      • Sync survey data on a per-program basis. 

      Salesforce App updates to attendee activities & field mappings 

      • Sync more attendee activities to SF App captured via Attendee Hub (exhibitors) & registration website 
      • Updates to field mappings to allow static and default values to be mapped to SF fields 

      New and Updated REST API fields. We have added the following new fields for REST API's: 

      • New Budget APIs - List Payment Cards & List Payment Card Transactions 
      • New Exhibitors APIs - List Exhibitor Questions, List Exhibitor Answers, and Update Exhibitor Answers 
      • New Session APIs - List Session Locations & Create Session Location 

      We have updated the following REST API fields: 

      • New Filters - Attendee Activities, id (eq|ne), name (eq|ne), and externalActivityDate (eq|ne|lt|le|gt|ge) 
      • Properties – Contact, parentId, and 
      • Exhibitors - sponsorshipLevel 

      Additional REST API Access. Following the launch of Professional and Enterprise tiers for REST API, a new tier is available for all Cvent customers. The Essentials tier allows you to invite their developers to sign up and try REST APIs. Developers can freely evaluate the APIs, build and test integrations, and engage with other developers on Cvent community. Before deploying integrations into production, developers should reach out to their account admins to upgrade to Professional or Enterprise tier.  

      • 1,000 calls per day for Essentials Tier 
      • 15,000 calls per day for Professional Tier 
      • 500,000 calls per day for Enterprise Tier 


      Cvent Supplier Network 

      New bid comparison reports designer clean up. To help improve the user experience of the bid comp reports designer, we have reduced the number of page and cell scroll bars along with some minor content changes. 
      New bid comparison reports excel styling changes. We've heard a lot of feedback around the formatting of excel spreadsheet when exporting the new bid comparison reports. There have been some font size/style and cell formatting updates to display more data up front and improve your ability to scan the reports. 
      Localized Planner Reports. All admin and generals reports that live under the "Reports" tab in the CSN Planner accounts are now fully localized in the designer and export. 
      Account tags in Vendor Marketplace. With this filter on Vendor Marketplace, you will be able to filter out vendors as you need with the help of the account tags associated. These tags are customizable, and vendors can create multiple account tags from their account. 

      RFIs and Vendors Report for Vendor Marketplace. With this new report, you will be able to have insights around vendors and the related RFIs sourced from your account. You will be able report on a number of fields available on the RFI. You will also see a summarized view and statistics around the RFIs in this report. It is built using the existing reporting framework that will allow you to customize the columns per your desired selection criteria which could be on the basis of RFI dates, RFI statuses, Response statuses, RFI service categories. You will be able to export the report as well as also be able to create saved versions of this report in your account


      Onsite Solutions 

      Attendee Contact Tracing report. You have a new report for events using OnArrival to see which attendees were in the same sessions and appointments as a selected attendee. This is useful for contact-tracing after an event. You can select a single attendee, and view all attendees present in sessions and appointments with the attendee. 
      Datacenter specific access codes. You no longer have to select the datacenter when logging into the LeadCapture app. Access codes are generated with a prefix that auto determines the region for your account. Access codes prefixes are defined as follows: 

      • North America – n 
      • Europe – e 
      • Sandbox – s 

      You will still be able to resend access codes in case of forgotten logins. 


      Enterprise/Meetings Management 


      User Profile in Access Portal. Access Portal Users can now view and update their profile information and preferences. Upon clicking the user's name in the top right of the Access Portal, a menu will display with an option for View Profile which will open the new User Profile page. Portal managers can configure the displayed fields, content and style of this page within the Access Portal Site Designer. They can set each field to be read-only or editable. 
      This user profile information is useful for maintaining accurate information, coordinating with MRFs by pre-populating requester fields on the form, and coordinating with Simple Meetings by allowing for the user's information to be pulled into the Simple RFP contract details. 


      Secure Fields Permissions for Access Portal Users. When creating or editing an Access Portal User, there are six new fields that control access to secure fields: ADA Accessibility, Credit Card Number, Date of Birth, National Identification Number, Passport Number, and Social Security Number. AP Users who have been granted the permission will be able to view these values within reports published to them; AP users without the permission will see any secure fields as masked (####). 
      In addition, any Account User with secure field permissions (granted through User Role Permissions) can now view secure field values within reports published to them in Access Portal. 

      Meeting Request Forms enhanced user experience as a logged-in planner. As a logged-in planner, easily navigate a multi-page submitted meeting request using a clickable stepper menu. While in view mode, planners are able to jump to the meeting request page they would like to view without using the next and previous buttons. Meeting request basic information section is now automatically the first page of every submitted meeting request when viewed as a logged-in planner Decreased page load time when accessing a new Meeting Request Form .


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