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Weekly Product Release Notes - April 27, 2023

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - April 27, 2023

    Posted 04-27-2023 11:10

    As April comes to a wrap, we MAY be bringing you some inspiring new releases this week! #AttendeeHub #Appointments #OnArrival #SupplierNetwork #EventDiagramming and Integrations.



    Attendee Hub


    Embedded Collaborative Session Updates

    We have made a number of updates to the Embedded Collaborative sessions in Attendee Hub. Now a maximum of 1000 attendees can join this session type, previously the limit was 250. You also now have the ability to record, replay, and download sessions.


    Exhibitor Networking Scheduling Restriction for Booth Staff

    You many not always want booth staff to reach out to attendees to schedule, so we've introduced a new setting on the Exhibitor Networking Appointment Type configuration where you can indicate that Booth Staff should not be able to schedule this type of appointment. When this setting is selected, booth staff will no longer see the meeting type available to book but will still get automatically assigned to host and be able to manage critical aspects such as adding colleagues and adjusting the date and time.


    OnArrival 1.28 now available in Google Play Store

    This new version includes support for Session Terms and Conditions and QuickScan for multi check-in sessions.

    OnArrival 3.73 is now available in the App Store.

    This includes the following features:

    ·       Accessibility support for kiosk mode to allow attendees to check in and print badges via voiceover and screen readers

    ·       NFC enhancements for admin scanning


    Developer Portal Refresh

    Developers will experience a refreshed Developer Portal, offering an updated and more consistent experience when reviewing our API documentation and managing apps.

    Cvent Supplier Network

    Draft RFP

    You can save an RFP in Draft status if you do not have all the information with you and can come back and complete it later.

    Citywide RFP

    When an organization is hosting an event that will require space at more than one venue (meeting space and hotel rooms included), you can classify these events as a "Citywide" event and create the RFPs for these events.

    RFP Approval

    A user with no Approval rights can create an RFP which will be put in Pending status and then the approver can go in and launch it.

    Linked Event

    You can now link an existing event with the RFP and that RFP will also be shown in the Event once Awarded.

    Multi-Award RFP

    You can select multiple venues to Award within a single RFP at once.

    Diagramming and Seating

    Empty Chairs Removed on Decreasing Chair Count

    When decreasing chair count, the system will prioritize deleting chairs without seated guests over those with seated guests, regardless of chair number.

    Inform Event Integration Users of Fields Syncing to Cvent

    We now display an icon over column headers in the Grid and Attendee Modal to educate users on which editable content syncs to Cvent when using the Event Integration. 



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