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  • 1.  Need a Report ASAP

    Posted 06-11-2021 13:10
    Hi all!
    I had a capacity limit set for one of my sessions; however, I miscalculated on my room set and now I need to go back and determine a timeline of those who registered, their date and time. Is there a report that I can generate that will give me that info? thanks so much!

    Evya Richards
    Meeting Manager
    The Energy Council

  • 2.  RE: Need a Report ASAP

    Posted 06-11-2021 13:46
    The Session Registrants Report will have this. 

    Run the report then click the gear/ data icon at the top right.  Select "Change Report Data".  That allows you to add/ remove data columns.  Add the "Session Registration Date" field.  It's near the bottom of the list of potential fields, under the 'Session Registration Information' heading.  It is a date/time field, so you will know the exact time someone registered for your session.  

    You can also click the gear/ data icon and select "filter Report Data" and then filter to just include the one session you care about.

    Good luck!

    Tom Neuburger
    Associate Director, Crm Center Of Excellence
    Smith College

  • 3.  RE: Need a Report ASAP

    Posted 06-11-2021 13:46
    Hi Evya, 

    You can run the registrants report under Reporting > Reports > Registrants which has a field 'last registration date' which gives a date and time you can refer to. 


    Rachel Ban
    Client Success Advisor, Event