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ZOOM Integration

  • 1.  ZOOM Integration

    Posted 09-24-2020 17:27
    Hello;  Looking for feedback from other event planners that have used the ZOOM Integration with CVent Platform for uploading pre recorded videos of sessions speakers presentations.   How did you avoid the buffering or lag time?

    Susan Lewis
    Economic Resources Vancouver Island

  • 2.  RE: ZOOM Integration

    Posted 10-07-2020 06:16
    Is your whole event pre-recorded or will part of it be live as well? You can have your video downloaded to your device to eliminate lag timing possibly, rather than streaming it.

    Coy Rushton
    Graphic Designer
    Primary Residential Mortgage

  • 3.  RE: ZOOM Integration

    Posted 10-12-2020 17:38
    Hi Susan, 

    We are asking all of our live presenters to be hard wired into their internet, instead of relying on WiFi. We have also included a similar recommendation in our FAQ's/Trouble Shooting for our attendees to do the same where possible and also making suggestions like ensuring they limit the amount of devices connected to the wifi during the conference, avoiding downloading large files whilst streaming and all those general tips for keeping wifi running as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, it's not perfect but we are hopeful that we don't have issues once we officially go live in two weeks!

    Sharna Pascolo
    Program Director
    Texas Society of Architects

  • 4.  RE: ZOOM Integration

    Posted 04-15-2021 14:41
    We also had some "pre" session FAQs and did dry run calls with our presenters to talk through some best practices, like the ones you listed here. Most of the issues we encountered during our event back in January were due to those who didn't attend the calls and ended up not taking into consideration the best practices. Even then, the issues/lag time was minimal. The biggest help was recommending wired internet vs WiFi or ensuring other devices on the presenters WiFi were not on/using WiFi while they were live.

    The other thing we did was ask that each presenter had a back up plan - so our event hosts had copies of everything so we could jump in if necessary (never had to do that, though!)

    Hopefully this helps!

    Kaitlin Feist
    Marketing Programs & Events Specialist
    Dakota Supply Group

  • 5.  RE: ZOOM Integration

    Posted 10-13-2020 10:29
    Hi Susan,
    Is the buffering due to where you are hosting your video? Perhaps try some different host options to see if that alleviates the buffering. We do have the Zoom integration, but other than if you are hosting on the Zoom platform, I don't think this issue would have anything to do with the Zoom/Cvent integration and is more a bandwidth issue.

    Lori Wildman
    Senior Marketing Manager
    DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc.

  • 6.  RE: ZOOM Integration

    Posted 11-11-2020 14:39
    Hi Susan,

    Unless it is absolutely necessary, I would suggest using pre-recorded footage for a majority of your event to alleviate these issues, which sometimes happen inevitably, no fault to anything or anyone but technology. Perhaps only rely on this function for break out sessions or networking portions. We've also found it helpful to provide attendees with a "FAQ" web page we create that not only includes Zoom's troubleshooting tips, but also those including more relevant information on a deeper level regarding the event.

    Chelsea Benge
    Events Software Specialist
    Leading Real Estate Companies Of The World

  • 7.  RE: ZOOM Integration

    Posted 02-23-2021 20:47
    We used both Zoom and Google Meet in our Janurary SKO  for live presentations and we did not have any lag time or buffering. Worked great live. For pre-recorded video and pre-recorded sesions we used Cvent advanced production and PS team and they were great to work with. Again no buffering or lag time.  The only time was a short amount of time waiting for a live session to go on demand bit it was quite quick even for multiple hour sessions.

    Scott Sward
    Global Travel and Events Manager
    Viewpoint, Inc.

  • 8.  RE: ZOOM Integration

    Posted 06-15-2021 16:19
    Susan, we have used the Attendee Hub for several events and I don't recall a buffering issue. We did find it was helpful with our hybrid event to allow a minute or two from a Livestreaming session to a pre-recorded to re-sync the server and vice versa. Give your tech team a few spots in your run of show to correct with minimal notice to the viewers.

    Marie Johnson
    Director, Marketing & Strategy
    Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Inc.

  • 9.  RE: ZOOM Integration

    Posted 07-02-2021 11:33
    I currently working in the Hub so this is all "thoughts" vs actuals.

    • Always have someone hardwire (if possible) and have whoever is moderating the Q&A (even if not on camera be hardwired)
    • Have a back up computer open and ready if you are moderating
    • Pre-recording is working best for us. We plan to have it "launch" about 30 minutes prior to the actual session time (just for a cushion).  
    • If you are LIVE and are doing a panel with a few people in Zoom. Webinar is awesome. You can work to spotlight people and I feel it's cleaner. If it's a hybrid presentation see about two cameras
    • For buffering sadly I think anything live will have a slight delay. I've yet to find anything that is perfect. 
    • Post recording have it come up immediately. It will probably take time to download (normally I find it takes as long as the presentation took)

    Not sure if this helps :)

    Lesley Irminger
    University Events and Office of Communication Events Coordinator
    George Mason - Office Of University Events

  • 10.  RE: ZOOM Integration

    Posted 08-02-2021 09:20
    If you aren't fully live, I'd suggest downloading on your end so it fully loads and prevents buffering.

    Amy Lum
    Senior System and Tools Specialist
    Boston Scientific Corporation

  • 11.  RE: ZOOM Integration

    Posted 08-02-2021 16:42
    Hi Susan - it sounds like you have received some good advice and questions here. But will add a few questions; if your sessions are pre-recorded, you may want to upload the mp4 and have it play via cvent video player instead of streaming it (through a screen share possibly?). Are you able to work with a video producer who can clip down or combine videos into a single package.

    Christine Ricci
    Event Technology Specialist
    Franklin Templeton Companies, LLC