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Weekly Product Release Notes - June 10, 2021

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - June 10, 2021

    Posted 06-10-2021 12:30

    Hi and happy Thursday! Weekly release notes back your way. Check out the #eMarketing, #AttendeeHub, and #Surveys releases below. 



    Distribution List Summary Report: This new report shows a high-level summary of each distribution list in your account. It contains general information about each list, including counts of both the list members awaiting approval and the list's associated campaigns.

    Campaign List Summary: The following fields have been added to this existing report about the last email sent from the campaign and the next email due to be sent:

    • Click-Through Rate
    • Last Email Sent - Date
    • Last Email Sent - Name
    • Next Email to Send - Date
    • Next Email to Send - Name

    Attendee Hub

    Moved the My Schedule page on the Attendee Website: The My Schedule page is now accessible from the new calendar icon in the top-right of the Attendee Website.

    Introduced Q&A text answers for the Attendee Website: Live Q&A moderators can now answer attendee questions with a written response from the Attendee Website, allowing attendees to read the answers at any time and remain engaged throughout the session.

    Added a survey notification to the Attendee Website: If you've configured a session feedback survey to become available for event or session registrants starting at a certain time, a notification will now display in the top-right corner of the session page when the survey opens, letting attendees know they can begin submitting their responses. The survey icon in the engagement panel will also display a red notification badge.

    Added the ability to turn appointments on and off for the Attendee Website: You can now control if appointments should be on or off in Attendee Hub. This allows you to launch your Appointments event and test it out before giving attendees the option to start creating appointments from the Attendee Website.

    Added exhibitor filters to the Event App: Attendees can now filter the Exhibitors list in the Event App by sponsorship level, if an exhibitor has a virtual meeting, and any exhibitor custom fields you've made available as a filter for Attendee Hub. This now matches the existing exhibitor filter options on the Attendee Website.

    Incorporated current and upcoming appointments on the Attendee Website Home page: For events with Appointments, attendees will now see their appointments displayed in the Happening Now and Up Next sections on the Home page of the Attendee Website.

    Introduced Digital Badge for the Event App: You can now enable a digital badge for the Event App that gives attendees access to their own personalized QR code. Attendees can use the code to check in to your event onsite and print their physical badge hands-free via OnArrival.


    Surveys Premium for Flex Events

    Speaker Feedback Rating Comparison Report: A new report has been added to premium feedback surveys that compare the speaker's ratings. You can now easily view the overall rating each speaker has received across different sessions in a single view and identify the top-rated speakers in the event.



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