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Weekly Product Release Notes - May 5, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - May 5, 2022

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 05-05-2022 10:28
    It's Cinco de Mayo! We're celebrating with some exciting releases from #AttendeeHub, #Event(Flex), #ExhibitorPortal, #NewExperience, #CSN, and #EventDiagramming!


    Attendee Hub

    All Sessions Page Added to Page Visibility in App Builder

    You can now control the visibility of the All Sessions page to attendees based on registration type and admission item. This gives you better control over the attendee experience based on their event format, specifically those hosting single track events or webinars in which session information is available across the home page, all sessions, my schedule and planner defined agendas in which attendees are not able to explore the full session catalog and enroll in additional sessions.


    Event Management


    Alternate Travel Questions for Guests

    The alternate travel questions will now be displayed for the guests for any of the travel widgets. The questions will be available when travel is available for the guests when they select no or just skip it. However, questions will not be displayed if travel isn't available for guests at all.

    No additional setup is required to display the alternate questions for guests. Any alternate questions created will be applicable to both invitees and their guests. The answers to alternate questions will be visible on the guests' record and the reports that display alternate questions and answers.

    Exhibitor Management

    Exhibitor Portal Visual Refresh

    The Exhibitor Portal visual refresh brings the latest Cvent design language to the Exhibitors' experience, as they complete their tasks, manage their booths, and access reports. No existing functionality is changing with this update, but our exhibitors will enjoy a fresh look-and-feel that is unmistakably Cvent.

    For this release, all Exhibitor Portal pages except the new Licenses page (with the 3-pack licenses feature) have been updated, which will be updated shortly.

    New Experience

    Event Options page to Create Event on Event List page

    Added a New Event Options page to Create Events from Event List page. This page displays 5 options as per account and user accessibility:

    • Copy: You can now copy existing events from creation
    • Template: You can create events via template
    • Scratch: Creating events from scratch
    • Set Up Later: Creating Limited feature event a.k.a No Registration Required events in old experience
    • Need Express/Classic Event: To be redirected to old form to create express/classic event as per access

    Cvent Supplier Network

    Separate tabs for standard vs custom bid comparison reports

     Prior to this update, the standard bid comparison reports that Cvent provides (Availability, View Bids, and HBCR) lived on the same page along with any custom reports that you in that account created. We have separate them out into tabs. We want to drive the idea that these report templates can be customized to fit your RFP reporting needs.


    All venue statuses and types display on new bid comparison reports

    Instead of only showing the venue statuses or venue types that are present in that particular RFP when you open up the designer for a bid comparison report, we will now show them all.

    The reason for this is that, even if data isn't available for a particular status or venue type, you should still be able to choose the report fields you would like to use on future RFPs that will have that data.

    In this scenario, there will be content on that page that says "No data for this RFP. Save your report details for future RFPs". This will let you know that if you save the report into your template, your settings will be applied next time.

    Diagramming and Seating


    Table Numbering Instruction

    A message will now appear above the diagram when you select the table numbering tool to provide additional guidance.



    Support Dropdown Update

    We have simplified the Support Dropdown list, design, and also add a line item for our resource center.



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