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Weekly Product Release Notes - December 2, 2021

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - December 2, 2021

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 12-02-2021 09:40
    It's the season of giving and this week we are giving you some exciting #NewExperience and #Surveys releases.


    Event Management 

    New Experience 

    Event Actions on Home Page 

    With this release, you will be able to execute all Event Actions on Event Home Page. Below are the event actions and a brief description about each action: 

    • Copy Event: Copying an Event to create a replica of an existing event 
    • Cancel Event: Cancelling an Event that has active registration or features 
    • Archive Event: Archiving an Event which is cancelled or completed 
    • Delete Event: Deleting an Event with no Accepted (non-test registrants) and any Launched Features 
    • UnArchive Event: UnArchiving an Archived event 
    • Send for Approval: Non-Admin with no access to Event Approval can send the event for approval to Admin 
    • Approve Event: Admin or Non-admin with Event Approval Access can approve the event 
    • Deny Event: Admin or Non admin with Event Approval Access can Deny the event 
    • Hide Event: Used to hide the Cancelled and Completed Events 
    • Unhide Event: Used to unhide a hidden event 

        Event Status Audit in Status History Modal

        You will now be able to track how and when an event status was updated on the Feature Status Card. 
        Manual updates in event dates which trigger event status changes records will be released later. All automatic status transitions will be recorded and available for previous events as well. 

        Deprecating Event Status page

        With Event Actions on Home Page release, we will be removing the Event Status page from New Experience Events. All features and information available on Event Status page have been moved to home page. 



        Surveys Premium 

        Matrix Spreadsheet Question 

        A new question is available that will allow attendees to enter their answers in tabular format. This question type has a collection of open-ended text boxes that can collect short answers. 
        If you're looking to collect multiple data points for each category, like attendees' meal preferences for each day or travel information for each guest can use this question type. The reports are updated to display the answers entered by the attendees. 

        Link Logic 

        You can now set up cascading questions in your survey by setting up link logic between two questions. This logic restricts the set of choices displayed in a question based on the answer selected in the previous question. For example, your survey may first ask the region where an attendee is from, and then in the next question's choices show only the towns and villages of that region. 

        Standalone Surveys 


        Transaction ID Surveys 

        Surveys can now be used to collect feedback from customers after a transaction is over. The transaction ID field can be used to store any unique identifier like an invoice number or a receipt number. You can import the transaction IDs into the Cvent system either using excel or an API. 
        Respondents can take the survey by entering the transaction ID from their invoice or receipt. This is a great feature to map the feedback submitted for a specific transaction. 

        Rating Question Update 

        The rating question will now support additional rating scales. Authors can now collect feedback ratings on a 3, 7, or 10-point scale. The reports are updated to display the average ratings based on the new scales.



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