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Weekly Product Release Notes - September 29, 2020

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - September 29, 2020

    Posted 09-29-2020 14:30
    Edited by Tristen Asrejadid 09-30-2020 13:58
    Happy Tuesday, Cvent Community! We've got some good releases to share today across #Event(Flex), #OnArrival, and #Admin/Reporting. Check 'em out below.


    Event Management


    Speaker Resource Center Included in Event License: The Speaker Resource Center (SRC) is now included in all Event Management licenses! The SRC, available in Flex events, creates a central website that contains documents, tasks, and general event information for you and your event speakers to access. If you're not seeing this as an available option in your account and are interested in this feature, reach out to our Customer Support team and they can enable this for you at no cost. Applicable to customers who are purchasing a subscription to Event Management for the first time after 9/29/2020 only. 

    Display Guest's Agenda in Registrant's Agenda Widget: You can now choose to display Guest's Agenda in Registrant's Agenda widget. This will also include the virtual details of the session, such as the Attendee URL and Password.

    Simple Text Custom Data Tags Character Increase: Simple text custom data tags, both account and event-level, can now have up to 5000 characters. This applies to data tags in both Flex and Classic events.

    Guests and Related Contacts: Invitees can now select to add Guests to their registration from their Related Contacts. You can now have new Guests of your Invitees be added as Related Contacts, so they can easily register that person as a Guest in a future event.


    Onsite Solutions - OnArrival

    Hands-Free Guest Check-In: In the era of COVID-19 and increased health safety, a hands-free kiosk solution is preferable to not spread germs when touching a kiosk to check-in to an event. This new update to our hands-free check-in feature allows the primary registrant to check in their guests without having to touch a kiosk.




    Session List – Virtual Filtering: In the Session List report, you can now view if a session is virtual. This allows you to filter by sessions with or without a virtual component within an event.




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