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  • 1.  GL Codes for 2 Fiscal Years

    Posted 08-11-2020 10:19
    Edited by Amy Pfaffenbach 08-11-2020 13:42
    Hello all!

    My Finance Department has me in a bit of a situation that CVENT currently cannot help with, wondering if anyone else has run into this issue as well. 
    Our fiscal year runs from July 1 - June 30. The registration for our event is open from March - October, which means we have (2) FY's when our registration is open. We have (1) GL code for 2019-2020 FY and (1) GL code for 2020-2021 FY. If I change the GL codes right now, it will change all of the previous transactions as well. Does anyone else have the same issue and if so, what are you doing to differentiate the (2) FY's on your reports?


    Amy Pfaffenbach
    Director of Meetings and Events


  • 2.  RE: GL Codes for 2 Fiscal Years

    Posted 08-11-2020 22:01
    Due to a bug in new reports (that I gave up trying to explain to support), this might work for you.
    I changed some G/L codes after my event went live. Collected fees using those G/L codes.
    I found the 'General Ledger Codes' report retained my original G/L codes even though I changed them after going live.

    Not sure how you can test this theory.

    Debit and Credit Details will report on G/L codes after being changed.
    You would think they pull from the same table.

    Steven Schlossman
    Jack of all trades. Master of none.
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