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Weekly Product Release Notes - November 18, 2021

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - November 18, 2021

    Posted 11-18-2021 12:39

    FALL into our big #Event(Flex), #AttendeeHub and Integrations updates this week!


    Attendee Hub

    Added new moderator permissions 
    You can now assign hosts, speakers, and engagement monitors for your Attendee Hub sessions. Additionally, session hosts and speakers will have access to a new "Join as host" or "Join as speaker" button, allowing them to join their assigned sessions directly from the Attendee Website.
    Added the ability to display sessions only in Attendee Hub.
    You can now choose whether to display sessions on Attendee Hub independent of registration, providing more control over where your attendees can add sessions to their schedules.

    Event Management



    Released My Cvent
    My Cvent is a brand-new application that is designed to make the Cvent platform easier to use. If you have multiple accounts (or want to), you can use My Cvent to link together your users. Those links can in turn be used to allow you to navigate back and forth between the accounts all without ever having to sign out and sign back in.

    My Cvent Switching Tool
    Navigating between accounts can be done in My Cvent. However, it can also be done via the Switching Tool, which is embedded in the Profile menu in Core.


    Zoom Integration stream url and key sync for live sessions

    For the live stream sessions using Cvent Video Player, the Zoom integration can now sync the stream url and key into your Zoom meeting, so the video can be streamed to Attendee Hub via Cvent Video Player.


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