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Weekly Product Release Notes - March 17, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - March 17, 2022

    Posted 03-17-2022 11:01
    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope you all are wearing green and taking a look at these Integrations, #CventSupplierNetwork and #Surveys updates!



    New Integrations Home Page

    A new integrations home page has been created to consolidate navigation to various integrations making it easier for admins to manage. This includes Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce, CrowdCompass, Webhooks, Concur Travel, DTCM Integration, and Uber. Configuration pages for other integrations will also be moved to the new homepage over time.


    Cvent Supplier Network

    Export option more prominent for new Bid Comparison Reports

    To help assist you create or run a report that meets your needs, we updated the call-to-action options on the report list. The primary action button will now say Export. This will immediately export the report with all of the preset fields and filters.

    The secondary button will now display as Create Template or Export Template (depending on if the report is standard or a custom template). This will drop the you into the designer.




    Surveys Premium

    Duplicate General Event and Session Survey

    You can now duplicate general & session feedback surveys within the survey designer. All the pages, questions, and widgets will be carried over to the copied survey. Logic applied on questions and surveys will not be copied over.

    Duplicate Chapter for Standalone Surveys

    You can now duplicate chapters in the survey. All the pages, questions, widgets, will be carried over to the copied chapter. Logic applied on questions, and the chapter will not be copied over.


    Question Randomization

    You can now configure the questions in the feedback survey to be displayed in a random order for your attendees. Each attendee will view the questions in a different order. Questions are randomized on a page basis, so all the questions on a page will be randomized. Only question widgets will be randomized, other image, and text widgets will not be randomized.

    This feature is supported for both event surveys and standalone surveys.


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