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Weekly Product Release Notes - March 10, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - March 10, 2022

    Posted 03-10-2022 11:43

    It's almost St. Patrick's Day and we have this week's product pot of gold! We have some updates for #CventSupplierNetwork and #EventDiagramming.


    Cvent Supplier Network 

    RFIs and Vendors Report for Vendor Marketplace

    With this new report, you will be able to have insights around vendors and the related RFIs sourced from your account. You will be able report on a number of fields available on the RFI. You will also see a summarized view and statistics around the RFIs in this report. It is built using the existing reporting framework that will allow you to customize the columns per your desired selection criteria which could be on the basis of RFI dates, RFI statuses, Response statuses, RFI service categories. You will be able to export the report as well as also be able to create saved versions of this report in your account

    Diagramming and Seating (previously Social Tables)

    Layout Picker

    When Photorealistic 3D is launched through IFP and the CSN Meeting Room Grid, the layout picker functionality will allow you navigate between additional predefined layouts. The layouts rendered are those defined in convert builder for that bookable room. Future enhancements may allow more flexibility and customization of layouts.


    Modal Redesign

    In 2019, we released a new design for Diagramming and Seating that deviated from our previous purple color scheme; however, in various locations within our product we are still surfacing modals with the outdated design patterns. We have updated and improved the following modals:

    • 3D Render alert
    • Add Layout

    Event Registration 2-Way Integration Update – Disable Attendee Deletion

    Since we are treating Event Registration as the source of truth at the contact level for an event, we do not want to allow users to delete attendees from Diagramming and Seating. We are doing so to avoid confusing scenarios where a Diagramming and Seating attendee list is out of sync with your Event Registration attendee list and complicate 2-way syncs from ST to Cvent. As part of this work, we have disabled all instances of "Delete Attendee" (including in the Edit Attendee Modal and in the Grid) and will display a popover that reads "Attendees imported from Cvent cannot be deleted."

    *Note, once an Event Registration link is made, attendees cannot be added in ST


    Event Registration 2-Way Integration Update – Header Language for Synced Information

    As part of the 1-Way Integration, we had a message in the header that seating information in Diagramming and Seating would not sync into Cvent. With the 2-way changes, we want to update this language so it reflects seating will by synced. 


    Diagram Automation in CSN (Diagram Rendering)

    If you want to understand what your event will look like at potential venues, this new functionality will leverage our existing Diagram Automation logic to offer a more catered, individualized diagram output that takes into account your attendee counts and desired setup type. 

     *Note: This is only work to render the Diagram. The update to enable this feature in CSN will be released at a later date 



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