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  • 1.  What is the best set up for me

    User Group Member
    Posted 03-17-2023 20:36

    Here is my situation 

    No cost to any item

    Situation overview:

    We will be uploading all registrations - no payment - what is the best setup

    1) Session - 8 mandatory - shared by all attending 

    2) We have 20 different "buses" that is our name for it -These are people who share nearly all of the optional itinerary - so it is mostly the same for all the people in each group.

    3) Then we have 2 or 3 events where multiple "Buses' share the event 

    4) Then we have sessions where you sign up individuallaliy

    IMAGINE YOU HAVE 1000 people - split into 20 sets of people - Set 1 of 50 People, Set 2 of 50 people, Set 3 -of people 50

    A - MANDATORY EVENTS - 8 events - all 1000 people attend (all sets of people, set 1, set 2, set3, etc.)

    B - Events - with groups of Sets 


                Session x - set 1 - 10 50 people all registered for x

                Session y - set 11-20 people all registered for y

    C    20 Sessions - where each set has their own group of sessions 

        set 1 of 50 people - has 20 session that they all are registered for 

        set 2 of 50 people has a different 20 sessions that they all are registered for 


    D -   Then you have the sessions where each person in the thousand can pick their own 

    Time period x on day y - 4 sessions 

         each person makes their own selection 

    time period z on day v - 10 possible sessions 

         each person makes their own selection 

    All of this information on session selection is known in advance - nobody is picking anything - we are uploading all of it. 

    What would be the best setup for uploading this easily.

    We do not want one set of people to see the other people's setup - everyone has their entire trip planned when they sign it. 

    For each person, it would include   - A (mandatory) B (multiple sets) C (their set by itself) D (individual selections)

    Here is what we are planning 

    Upload the mandatory selections 

    Create categories - for 

           type B (B1- Group of sets 1-10, B2 Group of sets 11-20) C (C1 = set1, set2, set3 etc.)  D ( all of the possible individual choices)

    Set up Admission Item for each of the 20 set that would include: 

        Their Type B, Type C 

    Upload the people in individual sets - using the Admission type associated with their SET - and then add for each individual their individual Sessions - Type D sessions would be set to YES on the upload spreadsheet.

    We are using a combination of Admission Item and individual sessions in the Upload 

    Would it be wise to make a Registration Type for each of the 20 sets or is that no necessary since with have the Admission Item? 

    So each row in the upload would have an admission type 



    Mimi Klimberg
    Chief Technology and Analytics Officer
    Greater Miami Jewish FederationUnited States

  • 2.  RE: What is the best set up for me

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 03-20-2023 17:03
    Edited by Daniel Marotta 07-31-2023 15:41

    Hi Mimi,

    Hope you are well.

    I have reviewed your query.

    Please note that each invitee can select only one admission item when registering.

    You can create multiple registration types and display the admission item based on the registration types and then create multiple sessions. Mandatory sessions can be created as Included sessions and other sessions can be created as optional sessions and then associate the optional sessions basis the admission item they are available to.

    You can refer to the following articles for your reference :

    Creating Admission Items == Link :

    Creating Sessions == Link :

    Managing Session Categories == Link :

    Limiting Options Based on Admission Items == Link :

    Adding Registration Types == Link :

    I hope this helps.

    Raashi Semwal Khati
    Senior Quality Analyst