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Weekly Product Release Notes - December 16, 2021

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - December 16, 2021

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 12-16-2021 10:23
    As you begin to wrap up the year, take a few moments to check out these #AttendeeHub, #EventDiagramming, #MeetingsManagement, and #CSN releases!


    Attendee Hub


    Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events allows you to display a calendar of future events within an Attendee Hub event. With the number of virtual events increasing, this feature helps to drive more registrations and engagement for your long running programs. Leverage existing calendars in your Cvent account or create new calendars for marketing purposes that can choose the series of events you want to promote.

    To enable this feature, simply turn on the Upcoming Events feature from your Attendee Hub settings, and select the calendar you would like to appear.

    Meetings Management

    Multi Language Notifications for Meeting Request Forms

    Workflow components associated to multi-language meeting request forms (MRFs) will now be translated appropriately based on the preferred language of the user interacting with the form. This includes Notifications, data tags, and request statuses. This feature, which was previously available for legacy MRFs, can now be leveraged on new MRFs.

    Cvent Supplier Network


    New Bid Comparison Reports - Report Name Update

    Previously, when a custom report template was created under the new Bid Comparison Reports, the name of that RFP was being saved as the report name on the designer. This was misleading when the template was ran for a new RFP and had to be manually updated under the report Settings.

    To avoid this manual process, we have removed the Report Name field within the settings on the designer. Instead, it will automatically pull the name of the RFP the report template is running for.

    Event Diagramming (Previously Social Tables)


    Mark all Notifications as Read

    You will be able to quickly dismiss all notifications by clicking the new "Mark all as Read" option when notifications are expanded. Doing so will dismiss all notifications that were unread and eliminate the badge on the bell. 

    Line Tool Enhancements

    Lines will now reflect the snapping functionality previously limited to rulers–hovering on objects when the line tool is active will reveal snap points and assist you in creating precise connections. Lines will also now have an arrow endpoint option, which if selected, will apply to the side of the line last placed. 

    Attendee Upload Modal Improvements (Event Registration Users Only)

    We have created a new screen after the field selection flow for Event Registration users, which informs you of mapping options so you can make educated selections and easier seating decisions.

    For event registration flow, the "seating group" dropdown will have a set of recommended fields (Primary Registrant, Group Leader, Company, and Group). If you have not chosen one of those fields from the prior screen, selecting it on this screen will add it to the import. All other dropdowns will contain fields that were selected for import on the previous screen in alphabetical order. 

    *Note: A field can only be mapped to one column--if a field is already mapped, it will display the disabled state in the design.




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