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Weekly Product Release Notes - December 21, 2021

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - December 21, 2021

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 12-21-2021 10:55
    We couldn't wait any longer to tell you about this week's #AttendeeHub, #Event(Flex), and #EventDiagramming releases! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and we will be back next year!


    Attendee Hub


    Upcoming Events

    Upcoming Events allows you to display a calendar of future events within an Attendee Hub event. With the number of virtual events increasing, this feature helps to drive more registrations and engagement for your long running programs. Leverage existing calendars in your Cvent account or create new calendars for marketing purposes that can choose the series of events you want to promote.

    To enable this feature, simply turn on the Upcoming Events feature from your Attendee Hub settings, and select the calendar you would like to appear.

    App Builder Overview Page Redesign

    The Overview page will include a new checklist that you can use to help you track what you need to do for Attendee Hub. Additionally, there will be links to helpful community articles to get started.

    Appointment Details (Consolidated) Report Update

    This report has been updated to remove the virtual meeting URL as a data point, since the meeting URLs are now attendee specific. Attendee specific virtual meeting URLs can be found in the Appointments Details report.

    Logout Page

    When attendees log out of the Attendee Hub and no event website is launched, they will be taken to a logout page that indicates they have successfully logged out. Branding will be consistent with login background and attendees will be able to easily log back in to the event.

    Booth Staff Check In Enhancements

    This feature introduces helpful tips for exhibitor booth staff checking in to their booths in Attendee Hub, when using Cvent Video Conferencing. The booth staff will be reminded to stay in their booth to get meeting requests, ensure their audio is working, and to update their Attendee Hub profiles to be more easily identifiable to attendees.

    Additionally, when receiving a CVC Virtual Meeting request, the booth staff will hear a new audio cue alerting them that an attendee is trying to reach them. The booth staff is also able to mute this cue.

    Event App

    1:1 Messaging (Event App)

    Attendees can now send private messages to each other directly within Attendee Hub from the Event App.

    This allows attendees to network with each other in a more intimate, yet comfortable, setting encouraging them to build deeper connections and with the addition of mobile they can easily send messages from anywhere.

    This feature is already available in on the Attendee Website, so now you will be able to access this information in both places.

    Attendee Matchmaking (Event App)

    Attendees will now be able to see suggested matches with whom they can connect and expand their network from the Event App. This feature is already available in on the Attendee Website, so now you will be able to access this information in both places.


    Custom CSS

    Custom CSS allows you to take control of your site's look and feel. You can now add CSS in the theme tab to apply to your site. Custom CSS supports global CSS as well as CSS classes. Classes created in the CSS sheet can be applied to any element you can style in the site designer.


    Event Diagramming (Previously Social Tables) 

    Room Notes

    The Room Notes were moved from the Setting Modal to the File Menu.



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