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Weekly Product Release Notes - March 23, 2022

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - March 23, 2022

    Posted 03-24-2022 10:48
    Cvent Connect is coming up in just a few weeks! We hear the best way to prepare is to stay up to date with all of Cvent's latest releases. This week we have updates for #Event(Flex) and #OnArrival. Take a look below.



    Hiding Widgets - Admission Item and Order Summary

    Attendees will now proceed through registration faster by not interacting with the Admission Item widget or Order Summary widget if not action is necessary from them.

    • Admission Item Widget: The widget will hide if there is no fee and only one item is available to the attendee since no selection is necessary. If a fee exists for the item, the widget will not hide.
    • Order Summary Widget: The Order Summary Widget will hide if no fee is due for the attendee (a $0.00 amount is due) unless a discount is being manually applied or auto-applied resulting in $0.00 in order to convey to the attendee that they have
      received a discount.


    Skipping Registration Pages

    Attendees will now move through registration quicker without the interference of blank registration pages if no items on the page is applicable to them or requires action. Pages will be skipped if the page only consists of a header and footer and navigation - pages will not be skipped if there are any other widgets present to include content and selection-based widgets.



    Badge Audit History report

    This new report allows you to view a history of OnArrival badge prints for your event. You can view total badge prints, badge prints by device, and a running list of badge prints including planner name, time printed, device name, printer IP, overridden fields as edited, and more.



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