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Speaker tips for virtual presentations

  • 1.  Speaker tips for virtual presentations

    Posted 25 days ago
    I am looking for a document that lists tips for virtual speakers. Hoping to get some good ideas or one that works for us.

    Eugenia Siedler
    Executive Director
    Alaska Society For Technology In Education

  • 2.  RE: Speaker tips for virtual presentations

    Posted 24 days ago

    Tanya Nieto-Winzey
    Conference Coordinator
    Pilates Method Alliance

  • 3.  RE: Speaker tips for virtual presentations

    Posted 24 days ago
    Edited by M Bluyus 24 days ago

    Thanks again for your participation in the {meeting name].


    Here are some important notes and deadlines.


    Draft Presentation:

    Please send me your draft presentation on or before Wednesday, October 7

    A conference-themed PPT Template will be sent to you later this week.

    We'll be running the PPTs thru our compliance team and advising you of any concerns.


    Date and Time:

    Your session: Monday, October 19 at 3pm ET

    All sessions are in ET

    All sessions are 60 minutes long. Don't forget to leave time for Q&A.



    All sessions will be conducted via Zoom. You'll be provided a link to your room on or before Friday, October 16.

    You'll have a moderator (co-host) in your room to introduce you and help you with logistics (muting, monitoring chat, watching the time, notifying the event planning team of any challenges, etc)

    There will also be a back-up moderator in case of any issues.

    You can use the screen share and share your compliance approved presentation directly with attendees


    Rehearsal & Tech Check:

    We'll have a tech check the week before to include our team and your moderator.  Please let me know a few good times the week of October 12 and I'll schedule us a time to connect.

    During this session, we will review the following :

    • Your presenting location with any suggestions to enhance your setup
    • Attire
    • Equipment Check Including Laptop, Microphone and Camera
    • Internet/Wifi Setup
    • Please join the tech check from the same location you will be at on the day of your presentation and use all equipment that will be utilized for your session.

    If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us!


    Thank you,


    M Bluyus
    Senior Manager, Meetings & Events
    Edelman Financial Engines

  • 4.  RE: Speaker tips for virtual presentations

    Posted 23 days ago
      |   view attached

    This is what we have worked out so far for our virtual speakers: 

    Approximately one week from the day of the event they receive the following email from the program manager: 

    Good morning,  

    Thank you for joining us for our [EVENT NAME] rehearsal! As of today, we have a total [QTY] attendees registered.  

    We wanted to share some quick reminders/best practices/updates with you prior to the event.  

    • Please review the attached final run of show  
    • Below you will find a high-level overview of the webinar schedule  


    Please, be sure to join the Zoom meeting no later than 2:30PM for tech check and housekeeping notes. Join links can be found in the outlook meeting, the attached run of show and below:  


    In case you experience audio challenges during the event, I am including the dial in number for the meeting – this will allow you to run your audio through the phone vs computer.  


    Attached you will find a presenter cheat sheet that will cover screen sharing and some additional details that are always great to review ahead of the event.  

    To ensure a successful webinar, please keep the following best practices in mind:  

    • If possible, have your computer is plugged into power and using a hardwired network connection (no Wi-Fi) 
    • If hardwiring to a connection is not possible, confirm that your Wi-Fi connection is strong; using a hotspot connection is not recommended.  
    • Shut down email, instant messaging, and any programs NOT being used – have only zoom and your PPT deck open  
    • Turn off all cell phones and mobile devices; remember to mute yourself when not speaking!  
    • Whenever possible use headphones/headset vs your computer speakers to deliver the best audio quality  

    Attached to this email we include the best practices sheet, which covers more of the technical aspects of zoom that we find our presenters have challenges with (sharing screen, controls, etc.) 

    We also make sure to cover all of this info during the first 30 minutes of our event rehearsals. 

    I hope this helps! :)

    Natalia Ramirez
    Trade Show & Events Planner
    Visit Orlando


  • 5.  RE: Speaker tips for virtual presentations

    Posted 15 days ago
    Hi Eugenia, 

    We (Humentum) are currently facilitating a virtual conference and have a presenter's corner that lists out some helpful tips and tricks for presenters. 

    Additionally, Humentum offers a eFacilitation Skills: How to Virtual Train like a Pro online workshop that is designed for trainers and facilitators who want to improve their skills in course design and virtual facilitation. 

    While neither of these are documents, I hope they are helpful. 

    Events Marketing Manager

    Amanda Hinkel-Mauceri
    Events Manager