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Launched: New Lead Scoring Solution for Select Service Hotels

  • 1.  Launched: New Lead Scoring Solution for Select Service Hotels

    Cvent Staff
    Posted 01-07-2020 15:30
    Edited by Tristen Asrejadid 11-11-2020 11:23
    At the end of December2019, Cvent launched a new version of its Lead Scoring solution called Select Service Score. The new solution doesn't require integration with a hotel's sales and catering system nor does it require for a hotel to have year-long transaction history. As its name implies, Select Service Score is perfect for select service hotels that do not have a sales & catering system as well as new builds and recent reflags that do not have a lengthy transaction history to draw onto evaluate leads.

    Select Service Score has all the benefits of the existing Cvent Lead Scoring solution, such as the ability to score and prioritize incoming group RFPs, confirm room and space capacity, quickly evaluate alternative event dates, view competitive rates, and help hoteliers understand future demand.

    The new solution also includes CSN Proposal Assistant, a feature that auto-populates the majority of the proposal fields and dramatically speeds up the proposal prep time.

    To learn more about Select Service Score, check out this solution overview.

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