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Weekly Product Release Notes - November 4, 2021

  • 1.  Weekly Product Release Notes - November 4, 2021

    Posted 11-04-2021 11:51
    As the weather is getting colder, grab some hot chocolate and check out the new #AttendeeHub and #Event(Flex) releases!


    Attendee Hub

    Introduced a login background image on the Attendee Website
    You can now add a background image to the login page of the Attendee Website.

    Event Management



    Allowing Session Selection in Attendee Hub only, Registration only, or Both

    You will now see the ability to determine if a Session is visible in Attendee Hub, Registration, or both/neither location. This will allow for you to determine where session selection and management should take place for attendees - and make way for quicker registration processes that take attendees into Attendee Hub to focus on their agenda options.
    • Display in Attendee Hub setting will correspond to the Mobile App as well
    • Auto open/close dates will continue to affect both the "Open for Registration" and now the "Display in Attendee Hub" settings
    • Those that previously had a session as "Open for Registration" will see that the "Display in Attendee Hub" setting is defaulted to 'Yes'
    • Ability import and bulk adjust these will come in a future release
    • This setting should be accessible via API as well in keeping with integration abilities in the future
    • Registration Type visibility rules and session group, admission item, and advanced rule validations will still apply on the sessions that are visible
    • Fee based sessions will continue to be selected in registration
    • Min/Max rules at the admission item and advanced rule level are best managed through registration if violations are meant to be enforced



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