Subscribing to Product News

1. Log in to the Cvent Community.

Logging in to Community from Event App

2. From the Home Page, click on Forum Subscriptions under your profile options.


3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose your email delivery preference.


Option 1 - Personalized Digest
This will send you a personalized email once daily with any new posts in the Community tagged with your interests.

Option 2 - Personalized Digest & Real-Time Discussion Emails
Same as above, but in addition to the daily digest email, you will receive real-time emails with each individual post tagged with your interests.

4. Ensure Product News is selected under your Stated Interests.


Unlike every other topic tag used by your peers in their discussions on the Open Forum, the Product News tag can ONLY be used by Cvent. Any posts you see with this tag is a Cvent Official Product News posting.

5. Go above & beyond. Select other interests for your Personalized Digest.


Besides Product News, you can subscribe to other topic tags being used for peer-to-peer discussions in the Community. Any discussions tagged with your selections will be included in your Personalized Digest emails.