Subscribing to Product News

1. Visit Cvent Community.

Logging in to Community from Event App

2. From the Home Page, click on the Resources tab in the navigation menu, then proceed to click on Product News.

*If you are an event management professional, click on Product News - Event Management.
*If you are a supplier or venue, click on Product News - Supplier & Venue.

3. Once you are on the Product News page, click on Subscribe to updates.

4. Enter your work email address and click on Subscribe.

5. Check your inbox for your verification email.

6. Once you have opened the verification email, click to verify email address.

7. This will bring you back to the Product News page, next you will click on Manage subscription.

8. Choose how you would like to be notified.

9. Select the categories and roadmap items for which you would like to receive notifications.

10. You will now receive Product News notifications.

These notifications will be sent out on Wednesdays if there are updates to the products that you have selected.