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Reviewing Business Intelligence Insights

Need to know when your venue falls behind your set goals or competition, but don't have the time to sift through all the data in the Business Intelligence dashboards?

Scheduling Snapshots of Your Reports

Want to see how your data changes over time without having to run your Event, Business Intelligence, or Supplier reports every single day, week, or month? Follow the steps in this article to...

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Supplier Network Training for Suppliers

No matter if you're representing a hotel, an NSO, or a CVB, we offer you on-demand training classes to help you make the most of the Cvent Supplier Network...

Creating Business Intelligence Custom Alerts

Set up custom alerts in the Hotel Performance Dashboard or the Competitive Set Dashboard to notify you whenever your venue's performance falls short of your main competitors average. Here's how...

Using the Competitive Set Comparison Report in Business Intelligence

Take a look at the following Business Intelligence article to find out how to use the Competitive Set Comparison report for your portfolio..

Using the Competitive Set Dashboard

The Competitive Set Dashboard is an analytics tool available within Business Intelligence to display a hotel???s performance against a group of direct competitors.

Changing Filter Criteria in Your Business Intelligence Reports

Take a look at this Business Intelligence article to find out how to edit your report criteria..

Running the CVB Trends and Pace Report

Want to find out how your partner venues are pacing and what their business trends are? The Trends and Pace report..

Evaluating Your Portfolio Trends and Pace

Want to find out how your portfolio is pacing and what your business trends are? The Business Intelligence module offers this solution..