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Setting Up Your iPad, Zebra Printer, and OnArrival App to Use With a Purchased Event in a Box

After you've set up your router and modem onsite, you'll need to configure your iPads, printers, and OnArrival app for onsite badge printing.

Setting Up Your Custom URL or Private Domain

You came up with a good address for your Cvent site, discussed pricing with your account manager, filled out the form for a private domain or custom URL, and waited for it to appear in your account. Now what? The wait is finally over. It's time to...

Upgrading to a Custom URL or Private Domain

The web address for your event, survey, or meeting request form starts with and ends in a row of random characters. Not memorable enough? Rename it by upgrading to a custom URL or a private domain...

Scheduling Event Emails

To remain as efficient as possible, schedule your emails to go out at a time that works best for you...

Creating a SocialWall Widget

With a free account, your SocialWall gallery can be shared during your events by embedding a widget anywhere you have access to HTML.