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Who's Who At Cvent

Your Cvent Account Team is comprised of different types of resources who offer different types of support for the Cvent products you've purchased. Reference this list of your possible Account Team members...

Updating or Disabling the CrowdCompass Integration with Cvent

If you're integrating Cvent with CrowdCompass, review this article for how to change what's syncing over or turn off the integration entirely.

Syncing Registration Types or Admission Items to CrowdCompass

Cvent registration types or admission items can be synced to CrowdCompass attendee groups. With these groups, you can segment attendees for more targeted push notifications and app content.

Syncing Travel Data to CrowdCompass

If you're integrating Cvent with CrowdCompass, follow the steps in this article to sync attendee travel data submitted during registration to your mobile app.

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The Complete Guide to Integrating Cvent with CrowdCompass

Is your CrowdCompass app connected to other Cvent products? This article will walk you through our Event and Appointments integrations, including what features they include and how to activate them.

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Understanding App Survey Options

Cvent offers a variety of ways to collect feedback in your app. Choose the best one for you based on the data and attendee experience you???re after. This article outlines each option with an example of how it will appear in action.

Syncing Session Documents to CrowdCompass

If you're using Flex registration and the Cvent integration, follow these steps to sync session documents to CrowdCompass.