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Who's Who At Cvent

Your Cvent Account Team is comprised of different types of resources who offer different types of support for the Cvent products you've purchased. Reference this list of your possible Account Team members...

Getting Started with CrowdCompass

New to CrowdCompass? Start here.

Previewing Your CrowdCompass Event

See it like attendees will by previewing your CrowdCompass event on a mobile device or online...

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Understanding CrowdCompass Compatibility

Check out this article to see what browsers, operating systems, and devices work with CrowdCompass apps, the Online Event Guide (OEG), and the EventCenter.

Choosing a Datacenter

Wondering why the CrowdCompass Events app is asking you to select a datacenter? Review this article for guidance.

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What's New in CrowdCompass

A list of all CrowdCompass enhancements organized by the month they were added.

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Event Management Quick Start Guide

New to Cvent, but need to launch your event in a hurry? Reference these suggestions to hit the ground running once your account is set up.

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CrowdCompass App Publishing Options Overview

We believe in supporting whatever CrowdCompass event or app need you may have, which is why we offer three app publishing options. Review this article for an outline of each.

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Goodbye CrowdCompass AttendeeHub, Hello CrowdCompass Events

The CrowdCompass AttendeeHub app has a new name! Review this article to learn more about the changes and why we made them...