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Configuring Event Settings

In CrowdCompass, you can change your settings, including event details, attendee options, privacy, and social sharing settings by following these steps.

Logging In to Your CrowdCompass App

Make sure your attendees are experiencing the full might of your mobile apps by having them log in to your CrowdCompass app. Once that power???s in their hand, they can access the same schedules, bookmarks, reminders, notes, and contacts...

Why can't my attendees log in to the app?

If an attendee is having trouble logging in to your app, try these solutions...

Creating and Updating Pages

Pages are a great way to provide your attendees with additional resources. They can be used to display directions, Wi-Fi credentials, or anything they may need to know...

Creating and Displaying Live Polls

Using live polls, you can display what attendees are thinking in real time. These instructions will show you how.

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The CrowdCompass Metrics Master List

CrowdCompass provides over 40 metrics that allow you to assess the success of your event. Review this article for a detailed outline of every possible data point.

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What's New in CrowdCompass

A list of all CrowdCompass enhancements organized by the month they were added.

Managing Your CrowdCompass Event's Time Zone

Learn how to display your event's time zone in the Online Event Guide (OEG) and the app, and allow attendees to change the OEG and app's time zone to match their device's time zone.