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Activating the CrowdCompass Integration in Event Management

Follow these steps to instantly sync your Attendees, Sessions, Speakers, and Registration Types from Cvent to CrowdCompass.

Adding and Inviting CrowdCompass Attendees

Review this article to learn how to add attendees to your CrowdCompass event and invite them to download your app.

Managing Notifications

Notifications in CrowdCompass can be used to inform, remind, or update attendees about key event-related info.

Integrating Cvent with CrowdCompass

Integrating Cvent with CrowdCompass can save you a lot of time. Keep the following guidelines in mind when setting up the integration.

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Connect Cvent with Your Other Systems

Integrate your internal systems with Cvent so all your contacts, travel bookings, web analytics, survey responses, accounting numbers, and more are shared among them.

Updating or Disabling the CrowdCompass Integration with Cvent

If you're integrating Cvent with CrowdCompass, review this article for how to change what's syncing over or turn off the integration entirely.

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The Complete Guide to Integrating Cvent with CrowdCompass

Is your CrowdCompass app connected to other Cvent products? This article will walk you through our Event and Appointments integrations, including what features they include and how to activate them.