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Using Appointments

If you need more than what the Networking feature in Event Management offers, check out our Appointments product...

Accessing Billing Statements

If you're using Cvent Payment Services to collect online payments, find out how many transactions you processed, fees incurred, and the final remittance amount...

Managing Session Waitlists

Expecting an optional session to sellout quicker than a One Direction concert? Plan ahead by adding a waitlist to that future triumph. Once room becomes available, those still yearning to attend can be automatically alerted or add them yourself by...

Using Payment Credits

Are registrants demanding a refund, but you just can't bring yourself to part with their money? Give them the option to apply that amount toward your next event instead. Stored in a contact's record, payment credits are automatically deducted from...

Setting Up the Feedback Survey in Classic

Know for certain your hard work met attendees' expectations with the Feedback Survey. This customizable online questionnaire allows your registrants to respond to the questions you want answered.

Using Website Page Groups

Have a lot of website pages that you want to bundle together? Use website page groups to categorize similar website pages under one heading.

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Meet Your Cvent Account Team

Your Cvent Account Team is comprised of different types of people who offer different types of support for the Cvent products you've purchased. Here is a list of possible Account Team members...

Setting Up the Requests and Events Widget in Access Portals

The Requests and Events widget for Access Portals displays a list of meeting requests and events, along with the details you choose. Follow the steps in this article to set it up.