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Importing Exhibitors to Your Event

Got a whole lot of exhibitors who'll be gathering leads at your event? You might want to consider importing them. This article will show you how.

Allowing Invitees to Register Previous Guests

Related contacts connect two contact records together, such as spouses or parents and children, allowing these invitees to quickly add the other as their guest...

Adding and Updating Fees

Cvent lets you add a fee to almost anything within your event: admission items, sessions, and other goods and services...

Using Reference IDs in Event

With a few memorable reference IDs, you can find out which registrants accessed registration through your Facebook page, Twitter feed, or a sponsor's website. Use them to maximize your promotion efforts...

Substituting Registrations

Somebody taking a registrant's spot at your event? Don't make that change the hard way. Simply transfer their agenda, items, and payments into their replacement...

Using Group Registration in Classic

Group registration allows you to register more than one person at a time with a single transaction. Each person will be considered their own registrant, meaning they'll receive separate emails, confirmation numbers, and payment records...

Creating Custom Event Legacy Reports

With the Custom Report Wizard, you can see up to 100 different fields organized just the way you want. Design it once and a custom report can be saved, copied, or modified at any time...

Running an Event Legacy Report

Follow these steps to figure out how to run a legacy report...