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Emailing Across Event Statuses

Find out when you can send or delete emails and invitation lists in each event status...

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Getting Started with Exhibitor Management

Exhibitor Management allows you to keep track of the exhibitors coming to your event and all the logistics needed to support them.

Confirming Emails Were Delivered

It's quiet. Too quiet. Before you send a follow up, run the Email Rates by Email report to ensure your emails were received and read...

Enabling Credit Card Requests

Don't have a merchant account? Though the time you have before the system logs out will change, you can still collect credit card info from your registrants. This data is encrypted and stored until you generate a report for processing later.

Creating Sessions

An included session is automatically included with every registration. An optional session must be selected during registration. In addition, optional sessions can have a different capacity and fee than the event itself...

Inserting an Add to Calendar Link

The last thing you want to hear from a no show: "I forgot!" Boost your registrants memory by displaying an Add to Calendar link on your website, confirmation page, or in emails. They'll be able to quickly add your event or session to their Outlook, iCal, Google, Yahoo!, or MSN calendar.