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Linking to Documents

Quickly link to files in your document library anywhere you can access the HTML Editor in Classic events, Inquisium, and eMarketing or the Site Designer in Flex events.??

Adding Tables

Organize content in rows and columns by creating a table with the HTML Editor. You can customize the border, background color, layout, and size...

Importing Registrations

Got a stack of offline registrations to process? Don't add each one individually. Import up to 500 registrations at once by following the steps below...

Adding Service Fees

Service fees allow you to charge registrants for situational costs, such as a 2% processing fee for credit cards or a $5 convenience fee for registering guests. The fees display at the end of registration and appear in all payment records...

Registering for Your Invitees

Know someone that lacks the means or ability to register online? What about a VIP you don't want to charge but still track in the system? Cvent's got you covered. Simply register them yourself, planner-side...

Managing Waitlisted Invitees

When an event is closed (usually due to reaching capacity or the registration deadline passing), adding and removing an invitee from the waitlist is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. If a spot opens up, the waitlist notification can be sent to...

Creating Email Templates

With email templates, you can create an event, Inquisium, or session email once, then, with just a few clicks, drop it into any event or survey...

Inserting Hyperlinks

Add links to the text and images in your website and emails so users can quickly reference other relevant websites or email the appropriate people...

Adding Image Maps

An image map is simply a single image that contains multiple links in coordinates you define. Follow the steps below to add one without knowing a line of HTML...