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Adding Registration Types

Registration types determine what groups of people see during registration, what they can select, and how much those items cost. They're specific to each event, and a person can have more than one. After all, today's speaker could be tomorrow's attendee...

Using Appointments

If you need more than what the Networking feature in Event Management offers, check out our Appointments product...

Marking Participants

Track attendance for your event or sessions by marking who showed up. You can mark them one at a time or import a list of participants all at once...

Using Event Credits

Award your registrants credits for attending a training seminar or continuing education course. Credits can be applied automatically as soon as the registrant checks in or you can assign them yourself. As a final touch, consider including the credit...

Using Testing Scenarios

After moving your event to Test Mode, you can create unique testing scenarios to quickly evaluate different aspects of your event. Check the invitation that exhibitors receive, view your website through the eyes of a speaker, or experience...

Adding General Ledger Codes

Help your accounting department track revenue in their general ledger by tagging fees with GL codes and running reports...

Updating Who Registered Your Invitee

In life, the only constant is change. Cvent accounts for this by making removing or modifying the person who's handling your invitee's registration a breeze. After updating, resend the Administrator Confirmation email to alert the new party...

Using Display Priority to Reorder Sessions and Session Groups

Sessions and session groups with the same start date and time automatically display in alphabetical order. Override this with display priority and placement dates. This field allows you to reorder concurrent sessions based off of a prioritized list of numbers...