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Using Website Folders in Flex

Have a lot of website pages in your Flex event that you want to bundle together? Use website page groups to categorize similar website pages under one heading.

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Meet Your Cvent Account Team

Your Cvent Account Team is comprised of different types of people who offer different types of support for the Cvent products you've purchased. Here is a list of possible Account Team members...

Setting Up the Requests and Events Widget in Access Portals

The Requests and Events widget for Access Portals displays a list of meeting requests and events, along with the details you choose. Follow the steps in this article to set it up.

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Flex Web Styling 101

The Flex Site Designer allows you to fully customize your website to adhere to your organization's branding requirements, without the need for CSS or HTML coding.

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The Complete Guide to Integrating Cvent with CrowdCompass

Is your CrowdCompass app connected to other Cvent products? This article will walk you through our Event and Appointments integrations, including what features they include and how to activate them.

Using Custom Session Fields

Use custom session fields to add internal information about a session, such as the type, building, or audience. You can later run reports on these fields or display them to registrants when you activate the Agenda Builder...

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Features Not Yet Available in Flex

Check out this article for a list of features that are not yet available in Flex. If you need to use any of these in the mean time, you'll need to create a Classic event instead.

Preparing Your Exhibitor Management Portal for Attendee Hub

If you're using Exhibitor Management, follow the steps in this article to take advantage of the features available within the Attendee Website and Event App.