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Linking to Documents

Quickly link to files in your document library anywhere you can access the HTML Editor in Classic events, Inquisium, and eMarketing or the Site Designer in Flex events.??

Adding Tables

Organize content in rows and columns by creating a table with the HTML Editor. You can customize the border, background color, layout, and size...

Creating Email Templates

With email templates, you can create an event, Inquisium, or session email once, then, with just a few clicks, drop it into any event or survey...

Inserting Hyperlinks

Add links to the text and images in your website and emails so users can quickly reference other relevant websites or email the appropriate people...

Adding Image Maps

An image map is simply a single image that contains multiple links in coordinates you define. Follow the steps below to add one without knowing a line of HTML...

Stripping Formatting

When you copy and paste into the HTML Editor from any external application, your content could end up possessed by bad code. Broken lines, stubborn fonts, and unwanted characters are telltale signs that something evil is lurking behind the scenes...

Changing the Color of a Hyperlink

Like leopard print and plaid, some styles weren't meant to be mixed. You can change the default electric blue of your links to something more fitting by following the steps below...

Adding Images Larger Than 2 MB

The Media Library might not allow large images, but the Document Library accepts files up to 10 MB. Sneak big images through the back door with this trick...

Adding Table Borders

Add a box around your table and draw lines within by giving your table and its cells borders. You can change the width, line type, and color.