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There are many options available to you for product news, learning and development, engagement, advocacy and loyalty, and events.

Product News

Quarterly Product Updates

Listen to recent enhancements of the Cvent product suite and understand how these can support your event strategy.

Watch Webinar 

Product News

Add Product News to your stated interests within your profile settings to get the latest updates right to your inbox.

Manage Notifications 

Notification Center

Stay up to date with our notification center. Located in the bottom right corner of your home screen after you login.

Cvent Blog

Read the Cvent Blog for Tips, trends, insightful data, and best practices for the meetings and events industry.

Learning and Development

Cvent Academy Training

Learn new skills and expand your career opportunities with dedicated training.

Cvent Academy Certifications

Showcase your expertise and boost your resume with professional certifications.

Knowledge Base

Access to quick FAQs, step-by-step how-to articles, and product information.

Helpful Links

Access additional online resources to enhance your Cvent experience.


Cvent Community

Engage with your peers in Cvent Community to connect, learn, and stay in the know.

Customer User Groups

A place to connect and learn with industry professionals and Cvent users, just like you.

Product Reviews

Share your Cvent product insights with a quick product review.


Share your ideas and feature requests with us. Browse and upvote existing submissions.

Advocacy and Loyalty

Cvent Celebrity

Reward yourself for your Cvent loyalty through Cvent Celebrity.

Cvent Reference

Spread the word about the power of the Cvent platform.

Cvent Referral

Refer others and earn rewards for those who sign up with Cvent.

Customer Success Stories

See how our clients use Cvent to transform their events.



The hybrid conference for event profs, marketers, production pros, experience makers, and engagement experts.

Excellence Awards

Celebrate customers from across the globe who are driving innovation in the meetings and events industry.

Customer Success Series

Join us for thought leadership and product demonstration sessions from the comfort and safety of your own home.

Great Events Podcast

 Each episode will include a mix of tangible tactics, tools, and resources for all event and marketing professionals.

Additional Resources

Resource Library

Get the latest research, thought leadership, and best practices from our team of event industry experts.

Live Events Calendar

Explore live events, conferences, seminars, and success events from all over the world. We also host a variety of live, virtual events.

Ask Your Peers

Have questions? Get direct answers, tips, and tricks from fellow Cvent users.

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Contact Support

Need personal assistance with a critical issue? Get in touch with Cvent Support.

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Explore the Knowledge Base

Browse helpful articles, view interactive tutorials, and get in-depth product walkthroughs.

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