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Cvent Academy - Transformative Trainings & Proven Certifications

By Community Manager posted 04-17-2023 11:09


Cvent Academy

Cvent Academy: Upskill, grow professionally, and showcase your experienceCvent offers a variety of trainings and certifications for users and event industry professionals. These are great opportunities to take advantage of, and the best part is that they are completely free! They are a wonderful way to increase your Cvent and industry knowledge, optimize your business impact, as well as boost your resume and career by developing in-demand tech skills and earning industry recognized credentials that showcase your expertise. 

No matter your learning style, we’ve got you covered. We have trainings that will help you up-skill and achieve professional growth/success. You can take them anytime, anywhere, with a live instructor or on-demand. Our goal is to make sure that you are successful in the platform. Whether a quick how-to video, guided training plan, or live virtual training is your style, we have something for everyone.

Why Cvent Academy?

You can take trainings or get certified on the total event management platform, or on specific products such as Attendee Hub, Onsite Solutions, or the Venue and Vendor Marketplace Whether you work on every aspect of your organization’s event program, or just a piece of it, there is a training that is a good fit for you. Competitive professionals are looking to gain more product and industry knowledge and skills on the evolving needs of virtual, in-person, and hybrid events. Event planners are expected to have a vast knowledge of the platform to successfully build, execute, and support their total event program. Regardless of your role in the event life cycle, there is a training for you.

What types of Cvent certifications are available on Cvent Academy, and how many are there in total? 

Cvent Academy is your one-stop shop for all Cvent Training and Certifications. Certifications give you the opportunity to put your Cvent and event industry knowledge to the test! We offer 11 different Cvent Certifications, ranging from Venue Sourcing to Event Management and everything in between.  

Make sure you are taking advantage of all the opportunities you have, to up-skill, boost your productivity, and gain a competitive edge. Getting Cvent certified will help you to start anywhere and grow everywhere.

First time browsing Cvent Academy or don’t know where to begin from?

Use this interactive guide to get personalized suggestions on training and certifications that best suit your job role.