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The World of Association & Non-Profit Events

By Sydney Austin posted 06-05-2024 14:41


Welcome to another Association & Non-Profit blog! This month, we will explore the world of association and nonprofit events, providing valuable insights, tips, and best practices for evaluating event success in these industries. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this post is a helpful guide for achieving event success in the nonprofit and association realm. Let's dive in and uncover the secrets to hosting successful events!

Conferences & Conventions

Conferences and conventions serve as platforms for industry professionals, members, and stakeholders to come together and achieve various goals. Some common goals associated with these events include:

  • Fostering Collaboration: Con­­ferences and conventions foster collaboration, networking, and relationship-building, offering the potential for partnerships and collaborations among individuals and organizations. Cvent's Attendee Hub is an excellent tool for fostering connections among attendees through direct messaging, discussion boards, and profile following, making it the ideal platform to initiate conversations and build that vibrant networking environment. Learn more about the various networking features available within the Attendee Hub HERE
  • Sharing Best Practices: These events serve as a platform for experts and thought leaders to share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices, enabling attendees to learn from successful case studies and practical strategies that can be applied in their own work.
  • Staying Up to Date with Industry Trends: Keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops at conferences and conventions highlight current and emerging industry trends, providing attendees with insights into the latest developments, technologies, and strategies, enabling them to stay ahead in their fields.
  • Generating Revenue: In addition to knowledge exchange and networking, conferences and conventions also serve as important revenue drivers for associations and nonprofits, generating income through registration fees, sponsorships, exhibitor fees, and other revenue-generating activities during the event. Cvent provides users with multiple revenue-generating opportunities for events, including the ability to collect fees for tickets, sessions, and quantity items through the registration platform. Additionally, users can monetize the branding of the Attendee Hub by offering marketing and branding opportunities to exhibitors and sponsors, as discussed in the article Monetizing Your Attendee Hub.

To measure the success of conferences and conventions, outcomes may be assessed based on factors such as attendance numbers, participant satisfaction surveys, revenue generated, number of collaborations initiated, and post-event follow-ups. Overall, these events play a vital role in advancing the industry, fostering collaboration, and driving revenue for associations and nonprofits.

Seminars & Workshops

Seminars and workshops are essential for achieving education and skill development objectives in the association and nonprofit industry. Some ways these events accomplish these goals are through: 

  •  Promote networking and collaboration: Seminars and workshops bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals from various backgrounds to exchange ideas and experiences.
  • Stay Up to Date with Trends & Best Practices: By attending, participants can acquire the latest information and skills needed to excel in their field and adapt to the evolving industry landscape. Cvent's mobile app provide attendees with real-time updates on sessions, speakers, and exhibitors. They can access the latest event agenda, session descriptions, and speaker bios to tailor their personal schedule based on their interests. 
  • Enhance Professional & Industry Knowledge: These events offer targeted education along with a platform for industry experts to share their knowledge and insights. Participants can learn from each other and build valuable connections to enhance their learning and professional growth. Promote your speakers and their sessions by featuring their profiles and sessions on your event website, agenda, or the Attendee Hub homepage. Read this article to learn more about Promoting Your Speakers!

Seminars and workshops are crucial in the association and nonprofit industry, as they effectively support education and skill development goals. By offering targeted education, fostering networking and collaboration, and keeping participants informed about industry trends, these events enable professionals to enhance their knowledge, acquire new skills, and contribute to their personal and professional growth.


Galas & Dinners

Galas and dinners are effective in fulfilling the objectives of fundraising and community engagement in the association and nonprofit industry. These events create opportunities for organizations to generate funds for their programs, initiatives, and projects, while also attracting donors, sponsors, and supporters who are dedicated to their cause.

  • Generating financial support: Galas and dinners serve as platforms for attendees to contribute to the organization's mission through auctions, raffles, or direct donations. The funds raised from these events support various activities such as research, advocacy, education, or providing direct assistance to those in need.
  • Raising Awareness & Promoting the Organization's Mission:  Attendees can get educated about the organization’s impact and cause by inviting guest speakers and showcasing success stories. This helps foster a sense of connection and inspires attendees to become long-term supporters or volunteers.  Cvent's email marketing tools can be used to send targeted email campaigns to attendees before, during, and after the event. These campaigns can include information about the organization's mission, success stories, and testimonials, helping to raise awareness and engage attendees. Got a newsletter, promotion, advertisement, or marketing message you want read on the regular? eMarketing lets you organize recipients, manage subscribers, easily design emails, and track everything sent, clicked, or bounced. Follow the steps below to get set up and sending in no time.
  • Opportunity For Networking and Relationship-Building: Galas and dinners provide a platform for attendees, including potential donors and sponsors, to connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for a cause. These events foster a supportive and collaborative environment, enabling attendees to exchange ideas, discuss potential partnerships, and strengthen relationships with the organization. Not sure what sponsorship packages you should offer and what should they cost? Cvent’s sponsorship package generator walks you through a simple 3-step process to find answers and generate a market-ready price sheet complete with your logo and beyond!

Fundraising galas and dinners are essential for nonprofits to raise funds, engage the community, and cultivate relationships with supporters. These events generate awareness about the organization's cause, attract financial support, and foster a sense of community around their mission.


Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are an essential part of association and nonprofit governance. These meetings serve multiple goals that are crucial for the organization's transparency, member engagement, and overall governance.

  • Ensure Transparency & Accountability: At meetings, nonprofit leadership shares updates on progress, financial health, and achievements, fostering transparency and trust among members and stakeholders. This transparency allows members to gain insights into the organization's operations and decision-making processes.
  • Engage Members in Decision-Making: AGMs give members the opportunity to vote on important matters like board elections, budget approval, and changes to the organization's bylaws, ensuring alignment with members' interests and values. By involving members in decision-making, AGMs uphold the collective voice of the organization. Cvent's interactive session tools, such as live polling or Q&A features, allow attendees to actively participate during sessions. They can ask questions, share feedback, and engage with speakers, enabling them to learn from industry experts and gain insights on the latest trends.
  • Strengthen The Organization's Overall Governance: These meetings facilitate discussions and dialogue, allowing members to share ideas, concerns, and suggestions for the organization's future. By encouraging member participation, these meetings promote a sense of ownership and collective responsibility for the organization's success. Cvent's feedback management tools enable nonprofits to collect feedback and evaluations from attendees. This can help ensure accountability by gathering insights on event satisfaction, content relevance, and other areas of improvement.

The success of AGMs can be evaluated by measuring member engagement and participation, such as the attendance rate, number of votes cast, and the level of discussion and input from members during the meeting.

AGMs are vital for association and nonprofit governance as they promote transparency, engage members in decision-making, and strengthen overall governance. By keeping members informed and involved, AGMs contribute to the organization's success and sustainability

Webinars & Virtual Events

Webinars and virtual events are gaining popularity in the association and nonprofit industry as they overcome geographical barriers and reach a wider audience. These events provide accessible education, facilitate knowledge sharing, and engage individuals who cannot attend physical events.

  • Provide Accessible Education: Virtual events provide organizations with the opportunity to make educational content and resources accessible to a broader audience, regardless of their location. This increased accessibility allows individuals who are unable to travel to physical events to still benefit from the knowledge and insights shared. Cvent offers a robust virtual events platform that allows organizations to create and host virtual conferences, webinars, and training sessions. These virtual events can be accessed from anywhere in the world, making education more accessible to a broader audience.
  • Reaching a Broader Audience: These events have the potential to attract participants from various regions, countries, or even continents. By utilizing technology, associations and nonprofits can connect with individuals who share a common interest in their cause or industry, thereby expanding their reach and impact. Cvent's technology supports multiple languages, making educational content and resources available to a diverse global audience. Organizations can provide translated materials and deliver sessions in different languages, enhancing accessibility for non-English speakers.
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing: Webinars and online events serve as a platform for experts, thought leaders, and practitioners to share their insights, best practices, and experiences with a diverse audience. Attendees can learn from these experts, ask questions, and engage in discussions, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

When evaluating the impact of webinars and online events, key metrics include participation and attendee feedback. Metrics such as registration numbers, live attendance, and on-demand views indicate the reach and engagement of the event. Additionally, participant feedback on content quality, relevance, and overall experience can help organizations assess the effectiveness of their virtual events.

Webinars and online events are valuable tools for associations and nonprofits to achieve goals of accessibility and reaching a wider audience. They provide accessible education, reach individuals who cannot attend physical events, and facilitate knowledge sharing. By leveraging technology, organizations can expand their reach, engage a broader audience, and make information and resources more accessible to all.

As demonstrated in this blog, the association and nonprofit industry host a variety of events, each with distinct goals and these specific goals all align with an organization's mission and values. It is important for event planners in this space to understand these objectives in order to best plan and execute successful events that contribute to the overall success and impact of the organization.

Did you learn something new reading today’s post? Keep that curiosity flowing and comment on this post to continue learning about your peers in the industry and their unique event structures and desired outcomes!