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  • 1.  Caching Issues and Faulty Game Mechanics

    Posted 01-24-2023 16:26
    Edited by Layne Taylor 01-24-2023 16:27
    We had a lot of trouble with caching issues: it took a long time for updates to show up and not all attendees saw the updates we were making consistently. It was difficult to tell if an update took properly and it caused some issues for our attendees. 

    Also, the game functionality is pretty limited. We were not able to create QR codes for our vendors and booths that could be scanned for the leaderboard. They had to be set up as "sessions" which would have cluttered the schedule.

    Ultimately, the app worked well enough for our event, but I would like to see more effort put towards fixing caching issues and introducing additional versatility/flexibility within game mechanics.

    We also never received an invitation for our post-event call....


    Layne Taylor
    KarmakUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Caching Issues and Faulty Game Mechanics

    Posted 01-25-2023 09:06
    We also experienced syncing issues with our app. After publishing it and then making changes to the floorplans it was not updating and the old versions of the floorplans were still showing on the list in the app. The only way we were able to get it to update was to completely delete the app and re-download, which is not the user experience we are looking for either. Additional details on when & how the sync works would be great to know.

    Maria Klingaman
    Sourcing Specialist
    Internova Travel GroupUnited Kingdom

  • 3.  RE: Caching Issues and Faulty Game Mechanics

    Posted 01-28-2023 07:12
    I am currently experiencing the same issue with an app - floorplans not updating, and having to completely delete and reinstall the app to see changes to the uploaded map.  Clearing the data/cache does not seem to work. 

    Another issue is that while I have 3 different floorplans for my event, I can only ever get one of them to show on my relatively new Android phone (a year old).  The 'workaround' I came up with for that is to create a single image, containing all three maps, and have only one floorplan.  However, now only 1 of my many location pins show, and always in the same spot (not the spot I placed it.)  And yes, the image size is within the size limit for the floorplans.  I've tried multiple versions of the maps and the same thing happens no matter what I do.  This is why I'm acutely aware of the caching issue - because I've tried unsuccessfully to deal with this floorplan problem.

    My event begins within the week and would love to get this extremely frustrating issue solved before I send out invites to our attendees.  Especially considering the caching issues.

    Has anyone figured this out?

    Lisa Hutchins
    Director of Technology
    Global Image United States

  • 4.  RE: Caching Issues and Faulty Game Mechanics

    Posted 02-02-2023 13:17

    Hi Layne,

    Hope you are well!

    This is regarding the query where you mentioned that you faced a lot of caching issue during the event. To avoid this we usually suggest to ensure that all the major changes to the app are done a few days before the event start date so that when the attendees login they do not see outdated information. If you make a major change in the setup on the day of the event, the changes sometimes do take time to reflect.

    QR codes for vendors and booths are not yet available. But, it sounds like a great feedback. I suggest you to post this on the 'Ideas' tab of Cvent community. 

    We encourage you to always submit your ideas or any challenges you face while working with the product. As it also helps our Product Development team to review the possibilities and if it works we may try to incorporate such changes in our future releases. 

    I apologize that you did not receive the post event call. However, I have forwarded the feedback to your account manager and they might reach out to your regarding the same. 

    Khushbu Gupta,
    Associate Quality Lead - Quality Team

    Khushbu Gupta
    CventUnited States