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  • 1.  Contact Snapshot

    Posted 12-21-2022 12:22
    Was wondering for those that use the contact snapshot in your events, what are the pros and cons of this?  We have not used this feature before in events.  


    Kim Mulvaney
    PD Coordinator
    Missouri Association of School Business OfficialsUnited States

  • 2.  RE: Contact Snapshot

    Posted 12-23-2022 09:00
    Just commenting to see the thread, I too am curious about this feature and the benefits.

    Beth Vriesen
    Events Technology Administrator
    Associated Bank Corporation

  • 3.  RE: Contact Snapshot

    Posted 12-28-2022 13:41
    Hi Kim,

    Hope you are well!

    Contact Snapshot is used where you do not want to update any information of the invitee in their address book. Using contact snapshot let you manage the contacts at event level and any information added to the contact record will remain at event level and will not update in their address book record.

    For example :
     Lets say I am an invitee in your event and you already have my company, title etc added within the contact record in address book. Now, when I register for the event and I add a different company and title in the registration form, it will update the new information within my contact record in the address book.

    However, if you are using contact snapshot in the event, then even if I add a different company or title, it will remain at event level and will not update that in my contact record in the address book.

    Any reporting for the event, when using contact snapshot, should be tracked in reports specific to each event.

    One thing to keep in mind is that when you use contact snapshot, you'll need to import contacts to an event every time, instead of adding them from your Address Book as there can be a difference between the data in the event contact record and the address book. Also, if a contact opts out from receiving emails within an event, their contact record in the Address Book will also be opted out, and vise versa.

    You can also refer to the following articles :

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    I hope this helps.

    Raashi Semwal Khati
    Senior Quality Analyst