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  • 1.  Customizing Font in Flex Emails

    User Group Member
    Posted 12-05-2023 12:17

    We have custom fonts that we use throughout our event registration sites but have found that they do not pull through in our event emails. The custom fonts and any additional customizations we make in the Build Mode in the email designer (rounded buttons, custom headers, ect.) show up great in the preview, but when we receive the emails in outlook, the custom fonts and modifications do not appear. Has anyone else had this happen? Have you found any work-arounds or solutions?


    Colleen Jones
    Attendee Experience Specialist

  • 2.  RE: Customizing Font in Flex Emails

    User Group Member
    Posted 12-06-2023 09:36
    Edited by Jess Olcott 12-06-2023 09:37

    I noticed this happen with rounded corners on buttons a few weeks ago, also with Outlook.  At the time, I didn't care about it enough to open a case with support.  Sounds like this might be affecting a number of people.

    I would recommend reaching out to support about it to ensure that Cvent knows that it's happening.  Let me know if you learn anything about this, I'd love to know.

    Jess Olcott
    Training Program Coordinator
    ETC, Inc.