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  • 1.  Do ACCEPTED invitees who are UNSUBSCRIBED get reminders?

    Posted 07-27-2022 15:22

    I'm not sure why an ACCEPTED Invitee can also be UNSUBSCRIBED but that aside

    I also understand that "when someone unsubscribes or opts out, they will still receive emails triggered by their own actions (such as a registration confirmation)."

    What I don't have is what are the emails considered triggered by their own actions.


    Does and UNSUB'd  ACCEPTED invitee get the REMINDER?


    if i make a custom copy of the default REMINDER email to tailor content to a specific registrant groups so it now gets classified as the generic CUSTOM email with a specific audience ("all accepted" in the case of the reminder) will the UNSUB'd ACCEPTED get that kind of REMINDER?


    Sean Daniel
    Member Services Manager
    Telecom Council (Previously - Kerton Group)United States

  • 2.  RE: Do ACCEPTED invitees who are UNSUBSCRIBED get reminders?

    User Group Member
    Posted 07-28-2022 18:07

    Hallie Loeb, HMCC
    Event Operations
    CDW United States